Life Income Cover

Income Paying Life Insurance, is a form of term life cover that pays-out a monthly income for the remaining term of the policy, should a claim occur. It can also include a lump pay-out in addition. This cover is ideal for people who feel a monthly income pay-out, would best help support their dependents financial needs, should the worst happen.

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income-paying-life-insurance top-tips

  1. Always include a Continuation Option with this policy.


Life Insurance that also pays a regular income

We Make It Simple

At, we are committed to making Life Insurance, easier and more affordable, but also to bringing you all the available life insurance product options available in Ireland.

If you are seeking life insurance to protect your family’s income should the worst happen, then life income cover is an option well worth considering.

Income Paying Life Insurance

If you have dependents, you need to protect them against the loss of your regular income if you were to die prior to your retirement. Life Income Cover can provide them with a monthly lump sum acting like a salary replacement, to use to help maintain their normal lifestyle.

Just like standard term life insurance, you can also include lump sum to be paid out on death in addition to the regular income payments, which will continue until the end of the chosen policy term.

The maximum ceasing age on a life income policy is age 85 years, with a maximum policy term of 40 years.

You can include two people on the one policy and by choosing dual cover, you can have different levels of cover on each of you, if required.

Most importantly you can also add a continuation option to this plan, so that if a claim does not occur during the policy term, you can extend cover without having to answer any fresh medical questions at the time.

To find out more about this kind of life insurance and its suitability for you, see below, click here to enquire, or call us today on 1890 727 111.

Income Paying Life Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

Does the income level have to match my real income?

No, you can choose any level of monthly income within your affordable limits.

How long is the income benefit paid?

The selected monthly income is paid form date of death to the end of the policy term. For example, if you are now aged 35 and took out cover to age 65. If you died at age 55, the monthly income would be paid to your beneficiaries for the remaining 10 years.

If the benefit ends at the end of the policy term, what about the longer term?

To protect against loss of your income up to retirement age, the monthly income benefit applies and by including also lump sum cover alongside this, the lump sum could be used and invested for the longer term.

Does offer discount on this plan?

Yes, discount standard market premiums by up to 15%.

Are there any additional complimentary benefits with this plan?

Yes, this policy made available through Zurich Life automatically y includes; Accidental Death Benefit at application stage, Free Children’s Life cover, Guaranteed Insurability and Terminal Illness Benefit.

Will I have to do a medical?

Dependent on your age and the level of cover, or an existing medical condition, the insurance company may write to your GP for a medical report and in some but few cases, also ask for a medical exam. If such medical information is required, there is no cost to you and you well are informed immediately.

I have an existing medical condition will this affect the price?

It really depends on the condition and its severity and whether you have more than one medical condition and also on family history. Is application being individual, so we recommend calling us to discuss any such concerns in advance of running your quote.

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