Best Life Insurance Deals in Ireland – How to Get it?

Best Life Insurance Deals in Ireland – How to Get it?

When it comes to arranging life insurance, we could all do without any hassle and we certainly don’t want the hard sell, so here’s our straight forward guide, to getting the best Life Insurance deal.

Do Always:

  1. Use an on-line broker That compares all 6 leading life insurers.
  2. Secure a discount –  Some on-line household names, don’t offer discount.
  3. Avail of free advice don’t just run your discount quote – Speak to an adviser before making application, just to make sure it’s the right policy for you.


Don’t Ever:

  1. Be fooled by existing customer, insurer discounts e.g. – VHI give a 10% discount, but its only with the one life insures product. An-online discount broker will always give you a better deal, by comparing all providers.
  2. Believe statements like “this quote is valid for 7 days”, all life insurance quotes assume standard medical rates and are valid form the time of your quote, until your age next birthday.
  3. Rush in to taking out cover – make sure you fully understand the policy options and that the cover type and cover levels match your personal requirements.


Summing Up:


  • Going to a life company directly does not work, as their price is fixed and you’re not comparing the market.
  • The banks are most often tied to just one insurer, so same as going directly, don’t use them.
  • Large insuers may speak of discount, but without comparing the market you won’t get the best deal.
  • Traditional brokers compare the market, but don’t give discount and some will even charge a fee.
  • Not all on-line brokers include discounts so Google a few.
  • Avoid execution only brokers i.e. get advice along with your best value price.
  • Read the Terms of Business which must be present on all broker sites.


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