Cheaper Mortgage Protection Insurance

Cheaper Mortgage Protection Insurance

Are you after cheaper mortgage protection insurance? You should be! Mortgage protection insurance is life insurance that protects your mortgage loan and is a requirement on all residential mortgage, is now cheaper than ever!

With 6 competing life insurance companies selling through banks, their own agents and insurance brokers, they are all competing for this sought after business.

So now financial brokers like, who have the advantage of offering all insurers products, are seeing them compete more aggressively on price.

This is good news for the consumer, because as a result of competition, 4 out of the six major insurers will now price match any cheaper quote from any competitor.

The even better news from, is that we will further improve on the cheapest market price by allowing additional cheapest price discount of up to 25%!

So, in summary, we can offer you the best cover product, the cheapest price match quote, plus the biggest discount!

All prices are fixed for every year you maintain your policy and we offer all the convenience of arranging your cover online.

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Ken O’Gorman – QFA | Smart Financial Protection

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