Cheapest Life Insurance Uncovered

Cheapest Life Insurance Uncovered

Getting the cheapest life insurance in Ireland is not just about comparing life insurer quotes, that just for starters, it’s then all about added full-term discount! So, if you really want to get the biggest savings, the single most important thing is to get the “maximum discount” kinda sounds obvious I know, but the best-known broker brands rely on huge advertising campaigns, so they don’t need too!

Maximum Life Insurance Discount

When running your online broker quotes look at for 3 essential factors when it comes to getting your best value discount:

1. Discount based on the cheapest market price price match, comparing all the leading life insurance companies!

2. No minimum cover level restrictions.

3. The same full term discount for the entire life of your life insurance policy.

Online Comparison Tips

The best online brokers will not only provide full market comparison quotes but display your cost savings against the cheapest market premium!

You should be looking for at least a 20% discount against this cheapest market price!

Other cost-saving tips

Again, whilst “maximum premium discounts” will bring you the biggest long-term life insurance savings, other methods exist that can further aid affordability as outlined below:

1. Include a Conversion Option
Buying shorter-term cover will also affect the cost, so rather than opting for cover to say age 90, opt for cover to retirement age, with a Conversion Option built in to extend later.
2. Seek a Free Cover period
Many leading life insurance companies offer this first month free, so look for this added cost-saving whenever you’re comparing life insurance quotes.
3. Review previous health ratings
If you’re paying a higher premium due to a past or even current health issue, but your health has not declined since, then it’s worth reviewing, as we also discount health rated policies.
4. Backdate your policy
Backdating your policy start date can often save you money if you have recently passed a birthday as paying an extra month’s premium is often cheaper than paying a higher long-term premium.
5. Quit smoking
Finally, easier said than done, but giving up smoking including e-cigarettes for 12 consecutive months will allow you to achieve much lower non-smoker rates for the full term of your chosen policy.

What life insurance costs savings does offer? automatically discounts all life insurer quotes, matched to the cheapest market provider quote, with no minimum level of cover required on both Life Insurance and Mortgage Protection policies.

We compare all 5 leading life insurance providers, so you will get the best policy benefits too, mot to mention the first month is free!

How can online brokers beat the Insurers own online discounted price?

Online life insurance brokers can beat direct insurer quotes, once they are willing to sufficiently reduce their commission! Whilst most online brokers will reduce their commission to pass on savings to their customers, some offer better discounts than others!

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