Compare Life Insurance Plans – Ireland

Compare Life Insurance Plans – Ireland

When looking to compare life insurance plans in Ireland, you can easily Google “life insurance plans”, to discover a whole load of links direct to single choice providers, such as insurers like; Irish Life and Zurich Life, as well as to some well known comparison brokers like Chill.

But as a wise man once said “don’t rush in”… Going direct to any single Insurance Company will not get you the best cover and neither will using many of the better known online brokers.

Direct insurers mean no comparison and although they may discount their own price online, other better products will be cheaper.

Also, some of the bigger online brokers rely on their brand name and don’t compare all insurers and or don’t provide a discount.

At, our comparison quote engine compares all of the top life insurers in Ireland, for the best benefits and the best price.

We then take the best benefits, match it to the lowest price and fianlly apply a chuncky discount. The end result is the cheapest discounted price, on the best benefots policy on the Irish market!

Put another way, Best Price + Best Benefits =

What’s more, as a regulated life insurance broker, saving consumers big money since 2008, also provides all the convenience of easy online application, backed by expert personalised advice.


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Who are the six life insurance companies operating in Ireland?

There are six life insurance companies offering life insurance policies in Ireland, namely:


  • Irish Life,
  • Aviva
  • New Ireland,
  • Zurich Life,
  • Friends First,
  • Royal London.


Which Life Insurance Company offers the best Life Insurance policy?

All of the above life insurance companies offer what’s known as term life insurance, providing fixed life cover for a fixed cost, over a fixed time frame.

Longest Cover Term

At present, Royal London (formerly Caledonian Life) and Aviva offer the longest cover periods, with a fixed price available right up price to age 90.

Best Policy Benefits

All life insuers offer a range of complimentary added features. With Aviva offering a unique service known as “Best Doctors” a second medical opinion service and Royal London a unique service known as “Helping Hand” which assists people at claim stage.

However, it’s Zurich Life that leads the way with the best combination of free added benefits, with fixed priced cover available up to age 85.

Which life insurer offers the best Serious Illness Cover n Ireland?

Taking out Serious Illness Cover is a good idea and it can we done as a stand alone policy, or added in with your life insurance.

If adding serious illness cover to your life insurance policy, setting it up on an advance payment basis, known as “Accelerated Cover”, is the best way to keep the cost down.

But which insurer offers the best serious illness coverage?

At the time of writing this post, it’s a very close call between Royal London and Zurich Life.

What it comes down to, is the most comprehensive range of Illnesses covered, the Illness definitions when making a claim and the history of claim pay-outs of the insurer.

So at this time, for stand alone Serious Illness cover, or Life Insurance with Serious Illness cover, Zurich Life has the slight edge over Royal London and all other insurers currently operating in Ireland.

Important Note:

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Over to you now!


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Ken O’Gorman – QFA | Smart Financial Protection