E-cigarettes – Smoker or Non-smoker?

E-cigarettes – Smoker or Non-smoker?

All Irish operating life insurance companies now class e-cigarette smokers as smokers, Aviva being the last insurer to change their definition in 2018. If you can stay free of all smoking and nicotine for 12 consecutive months, then you can make huge savings over the term of your policy.

Non-smoker Definition

Applicants using cigarettes, e-cigarettes or other nicotine replacement products are regarded as smokers.

Getting non-smoker rates

To be assured of non-smoker rates for any life insurance product, including mortgage protection, serious illness cover and income protection, you must be at 12 months free of tobacco, e-cigarettes and any nicotine replacement products.

Planning to Quit altogether

If you do want to apply now as a smoker to avail of our discounted prices on all leading market policies, once you reach 12 months free of all tobacco and nicotine related products, we can switch your policy to a new cheaper no-smoker policy.

I recommend giving me a call on: 01 845 0049, so as I can talk you through the process.

Ken O’Gorman  QFA
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