Fastest Mortgage Protection Ireland

Fastest Mortgage Protection Ireland

Need your Mortgage Protection Policy Insurance set-up quickly no problem, you have just found the fastest mortgage protection insurance service in Ireland and what’s more, you’ll get the cheapest fixed price plus the first month free!

You may have simply left it late or just realised that you can save a packet my not using your mortgage lender’s insurance policy. No matter why you need Mortgage Protection urgently, the great news is that you can apply online or over the phone and have your policy documents delivered the same day or within 24 hours, now that’s fast!

Urgent Mortgage Protection Insurance Delivery

1. Call 01 845 0049 to apply over the phone, or get a quote and apply online!
2. Email return 2 signatures pages.
3. Your policy is issued immediately, first the first months free!

What if we have health issues?

If you have a recent or mild health issue (like asthma or underactive thyroid) we may need an additional questionnaire completed, but this should not hold things up!

If however, you have a serious chronic health problem or if your mortgage loan is very high (over 800k up to age 41) we might need additional health information, in which case it may take a little longer!

The bottom line is that we promise the quickest mortgage protection policy set-up, no matter your health or cover level. We are brokers, so we will only recommend the best policy to suit your needs and our full-term policy discount will get you the cheapest fixed price too!

Let’s Get You Sorted!

So what are you waiting for? quote and apply online or call us now on 01 845 0049