One Quote Financial Brokers – More Choice, Better Value!

One Quote Financial Brokers – More Choice, Better Value!

Established in Malahide, Co Dublin in 2008, One Quote Financial Brokers t/a One Quote is a regulated financial broker, offering impartial financial advice with full market comparison and discount, across a full range of Life Insurance, Pension and Investment solutions.
How We Work

We provide free information and advice to help you compare, choose and apply for life insurance, pensions and investments online, over the phone and where required, face to face.

One Quote isn’t an insurer nor simply a comparison site, we are a regulated financial broker. We work with a range of leading insurance and investment brands and make their life insurance policies and investment plans available to you at a reduced cost.

Our experienced qualified financial advisers and are available to help with any questions about choosing the right protection, pension or investment, as well as to assist with making your application.

Our reduced commission LOWERS the premium you pay for Life Insurance policies issued through One Quote, as well as MINIMIZING CHARGES on both Pension and Investment plans, we help arrange.

For more information on how we are paid, please read our Terms of Business.

Online Services

For your convenience we provide instant, full market comparison discounted quotes across: Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Serious Illness and Income protection. Your policy can be arranged on-line, including the provision of your policy documents, which extends our financial services offerings to a nationwide customer base.

Personal Consultation

If seeking a full Financial Planning Review a meeting can be arranged in our Malahide offices, or in a location nearer you as convenient.

Business Consultation

We also specialize in advising small business on tax efficient corporate cash extraction and on corporate deposits.

More Information

Please feel free to browse the site, and if you have any queries about any of our services, please make an enquiry, or call: 01 845 0049, today!

Smart Financial Protection

Advantage in a digital world.
In the past you had to rely on your local insurance broker, or bank
to provide you with financial advice. But limited choice only means limited value, but now thanks to technology a new world of choice exists!

You can now learn about, compare and arrange your financial protection online and carry out pension and investment consultations over your smart phone. Then with our help, access to all your plan details and investment values are always there at the touch of a button, using your own secure PIN.
Discover more about our approach

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