Financial Advisors – Trusted Exceptional Service

Financial Advisors – Trusted Exceptional Service

We are trusted financial advisors located in Dublin, with clients throughout the Republic of Ireland. We offer unbiased best value financial advice, backed an exceptional level of service.

Financial Advice – Bespoke Portfolio Creation

When it comes to pension planning advice, pre or post-retirement, we enjoy access to a choice of over 20 domestic and global investment fund managers, allowing us to offer choice and value in the provision of tailor-made Pension and ARF investment solutions. This highly personalised service includes:

1. Personal risk profiling.
2. Age, income, and asset/liability analysis.
2. Diversified asset selection.
3. Continuous market monitoring.
4. 24/7 Online access.
5. Quarterly market updates.

Financial Protection – Mortgage, Family & Business

Where you require mortgage protection, life insurance, serious illness, or income protection, we offer instant discounted quotes comparison, with video and online advisory tips! This hugely convenient service guarantees not only the best price but, the policy leading policy benefits too and includes;

1. Online Quotes Comparison.
2. On-Screen Application.
3. Digital Signature Return.

Personal Financial Review

A personal financial planning review can include a meeting with one of our Qualified Financial Advisors to include:

1. Discussion of your financial goals and needs.
2. An examination of your assets and liabilities.
3. Review of your income and outgoings.
4. Identification of any gaps in your planning.
5. Development of a detailed financial plan.

Best Value Financial Advisors

No matter which of our financial advisory services you choose to suit your needs best value is uniquely assured through (a) our financial broker status meaning full market comparison and (b) discounted charges on all pensions and investments plus discounted premiums on all protection policies!

Financial Tips & Insights

From buying your first home to starting a family and protecting what matters most, get the best value tips and impartial advice on Life Insurance, Pensions, and Investments, through our financial planning blog.


Financial Advisors – located in Dublin reach throughout Ireland!

In the past, you had to rely on your local insurance broker, bank or tied insurer agent to provide you with financial advice, but initial consultations cost you time and money and could often lead to limited choice. But now thanks to a new world of best value financial advice exists!

From the convenience of your own PC, you can now learn about, compare and arrange your life insurances online and carry out pension and investment audits and consultations over your phone, Zoom and via email, after which all your plan details are there at the touch of a button 24/7, using your own secure PIN.

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