Investment Smarts

When it comes to deposits or pension related investments, including post retirement ARFs, it takes investment smarts to achieve the best possible returns and this means insisting on Choice, Diversity and Transparency. These 3 essential pillars are central to our investment advice, as is our smart investment philosophy outlined below.

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Investments top-tips

  1. You should always try to hold some of your money as cash, but if you keep all of it in a deposit account, inflation can eat away at it – especially when interest rates are low.
  2. You must ensure that any investment you make matches your attitude to risk.
  3. You should be aware that early encashment, or withdrawal will often incur encashment penalties.
  4. The value of investments can go down as well as up.


Investment Smarts – Our 3 Investment Pillars

1. Choice

We offer maximum fund choice!
When it comes to smart investing, you should never limit yourself to a single product provider, like a bank or tied insurer agent, but always choose an impartial Financial Broker, who can offer you sufficient choice to include a wide selection of fund managers, as well as both passive and active fund options, including multi-asset funds.

For more experienced investors and for high-net-worth executive pensions, as well as large ARF portfolios, Directed Assets can include the use of ETFs in the equity and bond space.

2. Diversity

We offer bespoke client risk analysis!
The old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket rings true for any investment when it comes to limiting your investment risk, but this does not need to limit your investment returns. We will never make any investment recommendation without ensuring that you only ever take a comfortable level of risk aligned to your personal risk profile. Moreover, by typically recommending a multi-asset and multi-manager approach, together with monitoring your risk appetite over your investment life span, appropriate risk compensation can be best achieved.

3. Transparency

We offer full cost transparency!
Investments can appear complex, especially when trying to understand fund and advisor charges. Our focus is on keeping charges low while making sure your funds are professionally managed to the highest standards in line with your investment aims. Learn more about our low all-inclusive investment charges.

Investment Smarts – Our Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

We believe that the best investment advice is evidence-based, in not trying to time the next big thing, but in taking account of behavioural bias, and in structuring client-appropriate portfolios, where patience is rewarded, and unnecessary costs are excluded.

Learn more about our investment advisory services and core investment philosophy.

1. Minimium Costs
Efficient tax planning, passive low-cost indexed funds together with competitively-costed active fund holdings, will help you avoid unnecessary charges, whilst remaining cognisant of risk and reward.

2. Blended Portfolios
Cheaper passive holdings cannot react to market volatility like active and as market dips are inevitable, sufficient time to recover is essential. We can offer low-cost active funds, as well as passive, and construct individual portfolios on a bespoke basis. Also, where appropriate the use of ETFs may be recommended as part of your product portfolio.

3. Big Picture Thinking
Market conditions will change. We ignore the noise and help you understand the danger of behavioural bias and impulsive decision-making over the lifetime of your investment.

Investment Smarts – Our Solutions

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Investment Smarts – Find Out More

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