Life Insurance Policy Options – Ireland

Life Insurance Policy Options – Ireland

At, we offer life insurance policy options to suit everybody’s needs, including; term life, whole of life, over 50’s cover, life & serious illness, as well as mortgage protection and income protection. Life insurance for business, is also provided through key-man and shareholder life insurance plans.

So put simply, we are a one stop shop for convenient arrangement of life insurance, but there’s more…

Why Choose for Life Insurance:

1. We compare all 6 leading life insurance providers in Ireland for the best cover.

2. We take the lowest market price and apply it to the best cover policy on the market.

3. We add in a broker discount to guarantee our price can’t be beaten.

4. You don’t need to do a medical, if healthy and under age 51, for life cover to 375,000.

5. If in very poor health and over 50, medical free options are also available.

6. You don’t need to take any time off, as we can arrange cover quickly over the phone, or by email.

7.  Before policy start date, we provide a letter of cover suitability to confirm your recommendation of the best and most suitable cover, at lowest fixed price.


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