Life Insurance Sale – Never Ends

Life Insurance Sale – Never Ends

We have a never-ending life insurance sale, where we offer Life Insurance at the best-discounted price, comparing all leading insurers in Ireland, to ensure the best coverage too. This life insurance cover guarantees to pay out a fixed tax-free lump for a fixed regular premium, should a claim occur and you can choose to cover two people on the same policy.

Life Insurance Sale Features:

  • There is no automatic requirement to do a medical.
  • You can run your discounted quote and apply online.
  • The discount price guarantees to be the cheapest fixed price available anywhere on the market.
  • This cover is available up to age 91.
  • You can choose to cover one, or two people on the same policy.
  • Once you run your online quote, you will be sent your customer guide and online application form.

Life Insurance Sale – Application Process

Once you run your market comparison quotes, the application process is made so easy, you simply complete your details on sure your screen and use our digital signature software. There’s no need for a pen, printing, or posting and if you do have not serious health issues cover can often be arranged within 24 hours.

If you do have a chronic health issue it’s best to call us to discuss your individual circumstances in advance, to allow us to get you an indicative quote prior to you making your application.


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