Life Insurance Smarts – The real deal!

Life Insurance Smarts – The real deal!

Life Insurance can prove quite confusing, but as I am sure you will agree, life insurance smarts involves getting the right policy, with the best benefits, at the cheapest fixed price!

The only way to achieve this is to use an on-line broker, but not just any on-line broker, but one that does all of the following:


  • Compares the market – that’s means all 6 major life insurers in Ireland. It not obvious on their home page, changes are they don’t do this.
  • Discounts the cheapest insurer premium – not just compares prices, but includes a discount.
  • Offers full term savings – Don’t be fooled by first year only discounts, when you can get them for your full policy term.
  • Allows you instantly quote both joint and dual life options.
  • Allows you to quote inflation protection, protecting the real value of your cover.
  • Offers both telephone and on-line application options.


The other huge advantages of getting your life insurance on-line are:


  1. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.
  2. You can get instant quotes and can apply whenever you’re ready.
  3. If you don’t like forms, you can make your application over the phone.


Now, here are some nonsense arguments, you’re bound to get from people who didn’t use their loaf and use an on-line broker, you may also hear this from the guy in the bank, or for that matter even form your local broker, pay no heed.


  1. Those online brokers don’t provide advice only quotes! – Wrong! unless stated they are an execution only broker, most on-line brokers provide professional financial advice, same as any other financial broker.
  1. They’re just product sellers, we are holistic financial advisors – Rubbish! All providers of life insurance offer the exact products from the same life insurers, the difference is, many on-line brokers discount the cost.
  1. You need to complete a full financial review, before you can get the right recommendations – Nonsense! Life Insurance is the first recommendation that any financial advisor must address and when it comes to working out the level of cover you need, it’s hardly rocket science. If you need life insurance to help support your dependents should the worst occur, you should replace a multiple of your annual income up to as high a level as you can afford 5 to 10 times.


Here at, we offer the best life insurance policies, at the lowest dicounted prices available in Ireland, just what you want now you’ve got life insurance smarts!



Life Insurance is now more affordable than you think!
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