Lowest Pensions & Investment Charges

Lowest Pensions & Investment Charges

When you think about or seek professional advice on Pensions and or Investments the natural focus will be on the potential returns and so it should be, once you understand and align your level of risk and return! But it’s also hugely important to be aware of ongoing charges albeit a Personal Pension, PRSA, Executive Pension, post-retirement AMRF/ARF, Personal Retirement Bond, Group Occupational Pension or a lump sum Investment Bond and to seek the lowest charges possible.

It may sound obvious, but ignoring or not fully understanding underlying charges or fees will negatively affect the investment returns you achieve!

Here a One Quote Financial Brokers, we not only pride ourselves on the investment choice that we can offer all investor types but on the low-cost transparent charges that we put to the forefront of all client recommendations.

Lowest Pensions & Investment Charges:

1. You are always guaranteed 100% investment allocation, meaning “No Contribution Charges” as your money is being invested.
2. The annual fund manager charge (AMC) which is taken by the fund managers against your accumulating fund value over time is always minimized, meaning base levels of 0.5% on AMRF’s & ARF’s, 0.75% on Personal, Executive Pensions & Group Pensions and 1% on lump sum investments.

Broadest Investment Fund Choice

One Quote Financial Brokers partnered fund managers include a choice of; Zurich, Aviva, New Ireland, Irish Life, Columbia Threadneedle, BlackRock, Dimensional, BNP Paribas, Legal & General, BNY Mellon, State Street, Goodbody, Merrion, JP Morgan, Invesco, and Davy.

We offer multi-asset active funds, indexed funds, and exchange-traded fund offerings and cover all traditional asset classes including Cash, Bonds, Property & Equities as well as Alternatives which can include precious metals such as gold and copper, as well as investments in water infrastructure and agriculture.


Best Providers Too

Get more through One Quote Financial Brokers!
In choosing our services for your pension or investment plan you get the best in class providers too! All plans come with a personal letter of product suitability and to deliver the best of both worlds, we are partnered with all leading plan providers operating in the Republic of Ireland, all of whom offer long-established security.
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