Over 50’s Life Insurance Option

Over 50’s Life Insurance Option

Our over 50’s life insurance plan is a one-person life insurance policy, offering a fixed discounted price, plus the first month free.

It is not for people who already have life-limiting chronic conditions, but for everyone else between the ages of 50 and 75. The application form can also be completed over the phone or via email to make life that bit easier.

The policy offers a choice of between €10,000 and €50,000 life cover up to age 91 with no automatic medical, although health information must be disclosed on the application and may lead to a GP report and a medical exam where certain health issues exist.

So, if you are in good general health, have no life insurance in place and are concerned about the cost of covering a funeral or leaving a nest egg of up to €50,000, provided you are under age 75 and don’t already have any life-limiting health conditions, you can apply:

Policy Examples

A 74-year-old non-smoker in good health could have €10,000 life cover up to their 91st birthday for as little as €35.00 pm, with no medical exam. That’s just €8.08 per week!

A 68-year old non-smoker in good health could have €30,000 life cover up to their 91st birthday for as little as €67.00 pm, with no medical exam. That’s just €15.46 per week!

The pluses of Late Life Cover
  • Cover to age 91: You can choose to be covered right up to your 90th birthday.
  • No automatic medical exam: We don’t ask you to take a medical unless necessitated by poor health, or certain chronic health issues.
  • No Claim Waiting: Unlike traditional over 50’s life cover, there is no 2-year claim waiting period.
  • Guaranteed lump sum: You choose the life cover amount (from €10,000 to €50,000).
  • Guaranteed monthly payments: Your monthly payment will never increase.
  • Free Cover: to get you started, we will arrange for your first month’s cover absolutely free.
  • Claims: Advance payment of up to €10,000 to cover funeral costs exists ahead of probate.
Important Faeatures – Over 50’s Life Insurance
  • The plan is only available to residents of the Republic of Ireland.
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will not continue to be covered.
  • Terminal Illness Cover applies once the plan starts.
  • You must be under age 75 to apply.
  • The minimum life cover amount is €10,000.
  • The maximum life cover is €50,000 without the need for an automatic medical exam.
  • Higher levels of life insurance are available but may require an automatic doctors report or a medical exam dependent on your age and regardless of reported health.
  • Helping hand at claim stage.
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Ken O’Gorman – QFA
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