Pension Plans

Get comprehensive, best value Pensions advice & support. Pension plans are essentially long term savings plans, with substantial tax breaks. They can invest in a choice of asset-classes which include: shares, bonds, property, commodities and cash, allowing tax-free growth. We help you choose the best performing funds with the lowest associated charges.

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Pension Plans top-tips

  1. The average person retiring tomorrow aged 65 years has a life expectancy of between 20 years, that’s a significant amount of time to enjoy in retirement.
  2. It takes a long time to save for retirement and the earlier a person starts the better.
  3. Taking stock of your existing pension can reduce investment charges and allow greater control over your benefits come retirement.

Best Value Pension Planning in Ireland

We make pension planning simple, whilst ensuring best value for money…

Our financial advisors provide impartial pensions advice and are committed to making Pension Planning simple and much better value for money, with fully transparent charges, ongoing investment advice, and the broadest investment fund options.

We provide impartial comprehensive pensions and retirement advice to people seeking to start or review a pension plan, but also to those who need to transfer or draw down their pension pot post-retirement. Pension consultations include reviews of any existing pension arrangements.

Our comprehensive low-cost advice based pension solutions extend to:

Pension Plans & Pension Investment Videos

Pensions Advice – Starting a Pension Plan

Pension Fund Management

There are several ways to best set up your Pension Plan, dependent on your personal circumstances. Our job is to provide the best pension advice, offering the broadest range of investment choices, with a minimum cost aligned to your personal investment risk profile.

When arranging your pension plan you need to be fully aware of the underlying costs involved, as well as choosing the right investment funds and strategy to grow your pension fund over time, with easy access and regular updates.

At One Quote Financial Brokers, our advice based private and director pension plan offerings include:

  • Free Personal Consultation.
  • Multi-asset Fund Choice.
  • Ongoing Investment Commentary & Advice.
  • 100% Net Investment Allocation.
  • Lowest Annual Management Charges (AMC’s).
  • 24/7 Online Access.
  • Annual Benefit Statements.
  • Self-directed option for EPP Owner Director Plans.
  • Free Trustee Services on Executive/Director Plans.

Pensions Advice – Investment Options

Getting the Right Pension Advice

As a pensions broker, we compare the market for the best pension products and offer the broadest range of investment options including; multi-asset diversified funds and self-directed own choice share options.

One Quote Financial Brokers partnered fund managers include all of the following leading domestic, pan European and global options: Aviva, Cantor Fitzgerald, Canada Life, Goodbody, Irish Life, New Ireland, Zurich, Davy, Invesco, Merrion, Setanta, BNP Paribas, Standard Life, Dimensional, Fidelity, Invesco, JP Morgan, Legal & General, Columbia Threadneedle, BlackRock, State Street, BNY Mellon and KBI Global Investors.

In assessing your Pension Plan requirements, we review:

  1. Your employment status.
  2. Your age and your income.
  3. Your attitude to investment risk.
  4. Your desired retirement income and any other income bearing assets.

Pensions Advice – Reviewing your Existing Pension Plan

Pension Plans Audits

If you already have a Personal, Directors, or post-retirement AMRF/ARF pension investment in place, you need to be sure of 3 things:

  1. That the underlying investments are in line with your attitude to investment risk
  2. That the underlying investments are being managed in response to market conditions
  3. That the underlying charges are reasonable and transparent

Many Private Pension Plans are been overcharged by inbuilt plan costs, including:

  1. Investment Contribution Charges
  2. Ongoing Adviser Commissions
  3. Excessive Fund Manager Fees

If you’re in any way unsure about your pension charges, then talk to One Quote about a no obligation pension review.

Pensions Advice – Leaving your Job

Taking control of your pension plan benefits

A Personal Retirement Bond (PRB) is a personal pension contract, that is set up by trustees of a pension scheme to provide retirement benefits for a former member of the scheme. It basically means that if you leave a pension scheme you can bring your pension benefits with you, by having the value of your fund invested in a Personal Bond.

If you’re planning to leave the company that you currently work for and you are part of the group pension scheme, a Personal Retirement Bond known as a PRB, could be the right option for you. A PRB will also be suitable if you decide to leave a company pension scheme for any other reason, or if the scheme is winding down.

A Personal Retirement Bond offers you:

  • Control – You can take personal control of your pension when you move jobs.
  • Choice – You choose the funds that your money is invested in.
  • Growth – Any investment growth is tax-free.

Our expert pension advisors will assess whether a Personal Retirement Bond is a suitable option for you and if so, we will guide you through the setup process, ensuring value for money and access to a broad range of low-cost pension investment choices.

Pensions Advice – Post Retirement ARF’s

Drawing down your pension benefits come retirement

Before you start receiving your pension payments, you’ll need to decide how you would like these payments to be made. You could decide to receive your tax-free lump sum and then put the rest towards:

  • An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF), which allows you to reinvest your pension fund subject to minimum requirements.
  • An Annuity, which pays you a regular income from your pension fund.

An ARF allows you to invest all, or part of your pension fund after you retire. You can decide on the type of fund you would like to invest in together with the amount of risk you’re comfortable with. With an ARF you can still withdraw from your fund on a regular, or ad-hoc basis.

To set up an ARF you must have a guaranteed pension income of at least €12,700 per annum or have invested €63,500 in an Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF) and/or Annuity.

If you’re looking to set up an Approved Retirement Fund or wish to review your existing ARF, our expert pension advisers will guide you, ensuring the best value for money, with access to the broadest investment choice for the best pensions advice.


  • You can move your money between funds and review your risk approach as required.
  • You are granted online access to view your pension 24/7.
  • A benefit statement is sent to you annually.
  • You can make ad-hoc withdrawals, with a minimum annual withdrawal amount set from age 61 of 4% of your total ARF value, increasing to a minimum annual withdrawal of 5% from age 71.

Pensions Advice – Private Pension Investment

Pension Investment Risk

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of your pension or ARF investments can go down, as well as up. It is therefore imperative that you seek professional investment advice before investing in a private pension, or ARF and that you regularly review the risk level of your chosen funds with the help of your financial advisor.

The retirement benefits provided under a Private Pension Plan will be directly determined by the accumulated value of the plan, attributable to contributions paid into the plan and the level of retirement benefits is not guaranteed.

For a better understanding of Private Pension or ARF investment, call us on: 01 845 0049 or email [email protected]