Approved Retirement Funds

Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s) are post retirement investment plans, where you can investment all, or part of your pension fund after taking your tax-free lump sum on retirement, including early retirement.You can make withdrawals as you require and any money remaining in the fund after your death, can be passed on to your next of kin.

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Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s & AMRF’s)

Best Value Approved Retirement Funds – ARF’s

At, we are committed to making Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s & AMRF’s) transparent and much better value for money with maximum investment allocation and the lowest fund manager charges. 

Our comprehensive ARF/AMRF investment advisory services offer full market comparison to clearly display the best value options to suit your financial requirements. We provide a free consultation to advise on your upcoming ARF/AMRF retirement options, or to review any existing Approved Retirement Fund arrangements that you already in place.

ARF Low Cost Options

Approved Retirement Funds – Charges

There are a number of ways to best set up your Approved Retirement Fund, dependent on your personal circumstances. Our job is to provide the best ARF advice, offering the broadest range of investment choices, with minimum costs, aligned to your personal investment risk profile.

When first arranging your your ARF, you need to be fully aware of the underlying costs involved, as well as choosing the right investment funds to grow your pension fund over time.

AFR/AMRF – Reduced Charges

  1. Annual Management Charge: From 0.65% dependent on your chosen investment funds.
  2. Net Investment Allocation: 100%, with bonus allocation for high level investment.
  3. No Consultation fee: 0.00 – 0.25% dependent on your need for ongoing advice.


ARF Investment Choice & Security

Independent ARF Advice

As a financial broker, we compare the market for the best AFR solutions and offer the broadest range of investment fund options including: multi-asset, with-profit, alternative and self-directed options., only partner fund managers who have a long established proven track record and the strongest security ratings.

ARF – Free Audit/Review

Reviewing your current Approved Retirement Funds – ARF/AMRF Audit

  1. Are your underlying investments in line with your attitude to investment risk?
  2. Are the underlying investment charges reasonable and transparent?
  3. Are you kept informed by way of investment reviews and online access?

If you’re unsure, or unhappy about any of these points, as they relate to your ARF/AMRF, then you should consider talking to, for a free ARF review.

ARF Regular Income Withdrawals

Making regular ARF withdrawals

An ARF allows you to invest all, or part of your pension fund after you retire. You can decide on the type of fund you would like to invest in together with the amount of risk you’re comfortable with.

With an ARF you can withdraw as much as you wish, should you ever need to, with a minimum annual withdrawal amount set from age 61 to 4% of your total ARF value and then at 5% from age 71.

For the lucky few, where the fund value is greater than €2 million the minimum withdrawal will be 6%.

Any withdrawals you take from your ARF will be subject to income tax, the Universal Social Charge and PRSI (if you are liable for this). The investment form holding your investment will make these deductions at source prior to transferring payments to your bank account.


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