Save Big Money On Life Insurance

Save Big Money On Life Insurance

Want to save big money on life insurance? Well, the best thing to do is use an online discount broker, to not only do the shopping around for you, but to get you a full term discount on top!

Your Life Insurance Needs

The first thing to consider is your life cover needs, which will be dependent on your age, assets, and your number of dependents. But to keep it simple if you have a family with children go for a multiple of 6 times salary and a term to age 65, to include an extension option at which time you can reduce the cover free from fresh health evidence! If on the other hand, you want funeral cover go for about 25,000 coverage to age 91.

What About The 2 Of Us

If you want to have 2 people on the same policy it’s generally best value to opt for a dual cover policy and not joint to get 2 possible life insurance pay-outs not just the first claim as is the case with joint life policies.

Inflation Protection

Finally, if you want to protect the value of your cover over a long period of years opt for indexation when getting your quotes.

Your Current Health

Generally, there is no need for most people to have to attend a medical contrary to what a lot of people may think! But if you have a current chronic medical condition that you understand may affect your life span, it’s best to call us to discuss your options before running your free online quotes!

Ireland’s Biggest Life Insurance Savings

As mentioned at the top, a Financial Broker like ourselves do the shopping around on your behalf to ensure the best policy is quoted as well as the compares prices, but the huge added bonus is that we discount all the cheapest market prices!

In fact, here at One Quote Financial Brokers, we promise to beat even direct loyalty discounts, as well as any other market price from any other source!

We are proud to say that we offer the best life insurance deals to be found anywhere in Ireland, we ensure that you get the best and most suited provider plans and we offer the first month free!

Quickly Discover What You Can Save

We make it easy to compare the market and instantly receive maximum discounts through our online discounted life insurance quote comparison service, saving you time as well as money!

Ken O’Gorman – QFA | Smart Financial Protection