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Find the answers to the commonly asked questions on Savings & Investments. Learn about the educational savings plans and investment bond options. You can also send an enquiry, or use live chat facility to find out more.

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  1. You should always try to hold some of your money as cash, but if you keep all of it in a deposit account, inflation can eat away at it – especially when interest rates are low.
  2. You must ensure that any investment you make matches your attitude to risk.
  3. You should be aware that early encashment, or withdrawal will often incur encashment penalties.
  4. The value of investments can go down as well as up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider savings & investment alternatives?

Given the historically low interest rate environment, many of us have lump sums in the bank, post office or credit union that are seeing very little return. While some people need to save for their children’s education, but don’t know where to start.

What kind of regular savings plans do you offer?

We offer flexible regular savings plans from a range of providers, which invest in unit linked and or exchange traded funds.

What kind of lump sum investment bonds do you offer?

We offer tracker bonds, unit linked bonds and structured investment product investments.

Are there any tax breaks on educational savings plans?

Each parent can invest up to 3,000 per annum per child, without the child being hit for gift tax on the proceeds this savings plan, provided it is written in trust for the child’s benefit.

On a lump sum investment, can I protect my capital while still taking risk?

Investments with capital protection carry a guarantee from a financial institution that some or all of the original capital invested will be returned even if markets fall. They usually aim to provide a return in excess of cash interest rates. Tracker bonds usually carry a level of capital protection provided that you don’t look to withdraw your money early.

How do I ensure best value for money?

We compare charges and investment performance of all leading investment providers. We ensure that the recommend savings or investment option, matches your appetite for investment risk and that any charges are fully transparent and kept to a minimum. We also offer a range of capital guaranteed products.

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