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Aviva Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness cover from Aviva, covers 66 specified illnesses, 47 full payment illnesses and 19 partial payment illnesses. If you were to die during the policy term, but without a serious illness pay-out occurring, a life insurance benefit of 5% of the serious illness cover amount applies to the policy. Highest partial payments in the market at €20,000, or half the sum assured, if lower for 18 illnesses. Exclusive access to Best Doctors, second medical opion.

Featured Benefits

Serious Illnesses

If you are diagnosed with one of 66 specified serious illnesses during the term of your policy, a lump sum will be paid out. 47 full payment illnesses and 19 partial payment illnesses are covered. Highest partial payments in the market at €20,000, or half the sum assured if lower for 18 of 19 paritial payment illnesses.

Free Children’s Cover

Children’s are also covered for the same specified illnesses as the policy holder subject to a maximum of €25,000 for full payment illness and €10,000 for partial.

If your child dies during the term of your policy, a sum of €2,500 will be paid out.

Your plan also provides cover for your children. By “children” or “child” we mean any child, stepchild or adopted child of yours who is aged 30 days or more and who is under the age of 21.

Reinstatement Clause

If your Mortgage Protection Cover lapses, you may reinstate it at any time within the following 6 months. This reinstatement will be subject to you providing us with satisfactory evidence of your ongoing good health – and paying all the outstanding premiums, plus any late payment charge that may apply at that time.

Optional Features

Benefits Continuation

Where chosen, this option allows you to convert your cover to another policy without having to provide new evidence of health. You can use this option at any point over the course of your policy. The maximum age to extend cover is to age 85. If you select the conversion option, you can select any term for your cover from 2 to 50 years for life cover

Inflation Protection

Where chosen, Inflation Protection ensures that your cover increases by 3% and your premium increases by 4% each year. This helps to protect the real value of your cover as time passes.

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