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Term life insurance from Irish Life, offers added benefits including accidental death benefit, guaranteed insurability and terminal illness benefit. Free childrens’s also cover applies, including free children’s serious illness cover, where you choose to add serious illness as a main benefit. Details of useful featured and oprional benefits are outlined below.

Featured Benefits

Life Care

Life Care gives you and your family valuable access to MedCare, NurseCare and ClaimsCare – at no extra cost. These services provide expert assistance, many of which are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Accidental Death Benefit

Your insured life cover amount, up to a maximum of 150,000 is payable, if a life proposed dies from bodily injury as a result of an accident while Irish Life is processing your fully completed application form, and within the first 30 days from application receipt. This benefit is only applicable if you are younger than 55. Once accepted you for life cover, this benefit will stop and your regular life cover starts.

Free Children’s Cover

If your child dies during the term of your policy, a sum of €6,000 will be paid out. Children’s are also covered for the same specified illnesses as the policy holder subject to a maximum of €25,000 for full payment illness and €7,500 for partial.

The child cover applies form birth for life cover a and after 30 days for serious illness cover and extends to age 18, or 21 if in full time education.

Guaranteed Insurability

This benefit is available on both life and specified illness cover plans. If you start life cover and before the age of 55 you then get married, or become a registered civil partner, have a child, take out a new or extra mortgage or get an increase in salary, you can ask us to set up a new life cover plan for: • €125,000; • half of your current benefit; or • half of your original benefit; whichever is lower. You won’t have to provide any information about your health.

Partial Life Cover Payment

If you take out life cover and are diagnosed by a Consultant Obstetrician as having one the following five conditions we will make a payment of €5,000 to you. This payment is totally independent of your main life cover benefit which means that you can make a claim for one of these conditions, without affecting your life cover amount. 1. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) 2. Ectopic Pregnancy 3. Hydatidiform Mole 4. Placental Abruption 5. Eclampsia (Under this condition, the following is not covered: Pre-eclampsia.)

Terminal Illness Benefit

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness your full life cover sum will be paid out. (This benefit ends twelve months before the end of the term you have chosen).

Optional Benefits

Specified Serious Illness Cover

Specified serious illness cover, is a benefit which pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of 44 conditions we cover and will also provide you with a partial payment for a further 21 conditions. The partial payment is €15,000 or half your specified illness benefit amount, whichever is lower. However, for coronary angioplasty the partial payment is €40,000, or 75% of your specified illness cover amount – whichever is lower.

Hospital Cash Cover

A daily hospital cash payment payable for up tp 365 days, for an amount to to €265.00


Accident Cash Cover

A weekly accident cash payment of up to €400.00, if you are out of work more than 2 weeks, due to an accident.

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