VHI Life

VHI Life

VHI Life insurance is simply not best value for money, so don’t be lulled in by their attractive TV adverts, even if you’re already a VHI member and think you’re getting a good discount.  

The fact is here at OneQuote.ie we can offer you the same and even better cover for less!

As to their attractive TV advert, should it be a shark or a goldfish you decide?

Let’s look at VHI’s own TV Advert example to compare…

The VHI are using an example of a 37 year old individual who is a non-smoker and is looking for life insurance cover of €200,000 over a 20 year term.

VHI’s include a unique customer support benefit –  Counselling support, that  gives you access to face-to-face counselling (up to 4 sessions) and a 24/7 free-phone helpline, provided by Vhi. But this can be withdrawn at any time, as per their own policy conditions.

So, how does OneQuote.ie compare?


We are 28% cheaper and even if you take the VHI extra 10% discount into account – we are still 21% cheaper!


VHI Cost per monthOneQuote.ieCost per month Savings over 20 Year Term

* with 10% VHI member discount


Maximum age you can apply

If you’re over 60, forget about applying to the VHI, you won’t qualify

However with our Zurich Life policy and other insurer options, you can apply for cover up to age 74.

Policy ceasing age

You can only insure yourself up to age 70. After that you’re on your own, so if you plan on living beyond 71, and I hope you are, then think again!

But with our Zurich Life policies, you can insure yourself for the whole of your life, or up to age 85 under their term policy.

Protection continuation option

The option allows you to extend the term of your policy at any stage. But through VHI Life insurance, the maximum age you can extend your cover to, is 70.  This means at 70, your policy ends and they keep your premiums.

But with our Zurich Life policy, you can extend your policy to your 85th birthday and to age 90 with some other insurers that we partner.

Over to you…

VHI Life, have a captive audience and a massive advertising budget, so it’s easy to see how they can skew the policy conditions in their favour, limiting age of entry as well as pay-outs for older ages.

Why not go head and compare you own personal life insurance quote, or learn more about life insurance from OneQuote.ie

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