What happens if you get seriously ill?

What happens if you get seriously ill?

The unfortunate truth is that there is a one in three chance you will get a serious illness in your lifetime, so having a serious illness policy, even if it is just a small amount, is always a good idea. A serious illness policy will protect you in the event that you are diagnosed with any of the specific illnesses listed on your policy.

How does it benefit me?

Specified Serious Illness cover is designed to pay you a tax-free lump should you become Seriously Ill and a claim occurs. You don’t have to worry about rushing back to work to be able to pay your bills; all you have to do is concentrate on getting better.

What do I need to know?

Most policies have a specified period of 14 days; in which you must survive after being diagnosed with one of the illnesses listed on your policy before it will payout. Once you satisfy that period, you will be paid the cover amount and can use the money to cover hospital bills, rent or just to help you get back on your feet.

How much does it cost?

Like life cover, the premium for specified illness cover is calculated depending on your age, smoker status, and your health status so it always differs from person to person. Take 2 minutes out of your day today to get a quick quote and find out how much it will cost you to protect yourself and your future.

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