Ireland’s Best Life Insurance Deals

Ireland’s Best Life Insurance Deals

When looking for the best life insurance deal in Ireland, you need to first focus on discovering which life insurance company provides the best life insurance policy benefits, as by using our online life insurance services, all the leading life insurers will actually match each other on price!
So, finding your best life insurance policy deal means identifying the best policy benefits to suit your personal needs, that is easy to set-up and easy to claim!

This article covers all Irish life insurance policies which actually include “life insurance” i.e. a cash pay-out on death, but if you are more interested in life insurance company plans concerned only with illness insurance, please visit, Independent Serious Illness and or Income Protection Insurance.

Discovering Your Best Life Insurance Deal in Ireland

Each insurer tries to differentiate itself on the special featured benefits it offers, but don’t get drawn in by these alone, the big question is, which life insurer offers the “best life insurance in Ireland for you? and this will actually depend on you firstly answering 3 simple questions;

1. What type of life insurance policy you need, Mortgage Protection or Family Protection?
2. What term of life insurance policy do you need, fixed-term or whole of life?
3. Do you want to include optional specified serious illness cover or Cancer only cover?

Irish Life Insurance Company – Special Featured Benefits Comparison:

Royal London – Helping Hand.
Zurich Life – Long Term Care Conversion.
Aviva – Best Doctors.
Irish Life – Highest level of children’s cover.
New Ireland – No automatic exclusions for high-risk pursuits.
Standard Life – Doesn’t offer life insurance products.
Friends First – Are now part of Aviva.
Acorn Life – We don’t deal with them as offerings don’t compare.

So, once you can answer the 3 questions outlined above, finding the best life insurance in Ireland becomes easy and as we said before, don’t worry about getting the best price, all the leading insurers will now match the lowest available price through us and our life insurance quote comparison service will do the rest!

Ken O’Gorman – QFA | Smart Financial Protection

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