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Serious Illness Cover Quotes

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Protect your finances with specified serious illness cover

Specified Serious Cover pays out a tax-free lump on a huge range of specified serious illnesses, including heart attack, cancer and stroke.

Our free online, serious illness cover quotes comparison engine, lets you easily compare quotes from all of Ireland’s leading insurers, to quickly identify your best value solution.

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Serious Illness Cover

Serious Illness Cover with the best policy benefits as standard, to include:


100 Separate Illnesses


Best Cardiac & Cancer Cover


Children's Serious Illness Cover


Early Heart Surgery Payment

Premier Serious Illness

Our recommended specified serious Illness policies lead the market. They are highly flexible and fully comprehensive, and what's more, come at an unbeatable fixed price, to include your first month free!

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Optional Serious Illness Cover quote ad-ons

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Optional add-ons

You can choose to add a Conversion Option to grant the ability to extend your policy term, free of fresh health evidence in the future.

Inflation Protection which is also optional, is designed to protect the value of your chosen benefits by automatically indexing both the cover and premiums on an annual basis.

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To start with, there's no need for a trusty pen, printing or posting. Your serious illness cover application can be completed on screen, and you can sign digitally.

If the insurance underwriters do need a GP report, or even require a nurse medical, we cover the cost at our end and do all the chasing.

Questions & Answers

Serious Illness Cover Quotes - FAQ's

All you need to know in regards to your serious illness cover.

Specified Serious Illness Cover (sometimes called critical illness Insurance) is designed to provide you with a tax-free payout on diagnosis of a specified serious illness. It can be taken out on its own, known as a standalone cover or with a combined life policy known as accelerated cover. The Illnesses covered and policy claim conditions can differ amongst insurers in Ireland.

An Accelerated Serious Illness Cover policy is one that includes life insurance, so if you die from an accident or illness not specified within your insurance policy it will still pay-out the full sum assured. It also allows for a higher level of life cover than serious illness cover if required meaning that any serious illness claim pay-outs still leave a surplus life cover pay-out, should a death claim also occur within the policy cover term.

Serious Illness Insurance covers a specified range of specified serious illnesses, with the majority of insurers now covering up to 70 illnesses and some up to 91. All insurers policies cover Heart Attack, Cancer and Stroke where the majority of claims occur. Other Specified illnesses typically covered include coronary artery disease, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, motor neuron disease, blindness, major organ transplantation (including being on a waiting list for transplantation), benign brain tumor, severe burns, etc.

With some policies, your condition would have to be extremely serious before you could make a claim and in many cases more common illness, such as back injury and treatable cancers, aren’t covered at all.

Also, you usually won’t be covered if your illness is judged to be caused by drug or alcohol abuse, a self-inflicted injury or a failure to follow medical advice.

Serious Illness cover offers protection from the financial effects a specified serious illness or permanent disability can bring. It is designed to complement your life insurance if you have dependents and can be taken out a separate policy, or with your life insurance under the one policy.

Remember Serious Illness Insurance is designed to pay out a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the specified serious illness listed on your policy. The cover amount you choose should take into account whether you already have Income Protection. Also, do remember any serious illness cover attaching to your mortgage is payable to the bank and not you directly. As a general rule of thumb, a multiple of 1 time annual salary is recommended.

It will depend on the nature of the condition and it is best to discuss this in confidence prior to making any application. In the event you are excluded from taking out serious illness cover due to your medical health, it may be worth taking out cancer cover only as an independent benefit.

For a small additional cost, a continuation option is a very valuable benefit which allows you to extend your coverage under a new policy. You can use this option at any stage throughout your policy term, without having to provide any fresh evidence of health.

Joint cover means the policy will only pay out once, on one person, that person is the first to claim of the 2 people covered.
Dual cover will pay out again if a subsequent claim occurs during the policy term.

Joint cover policies are more suited to mortgage loan protection and dual cover to family protection. A dual cover policy also allows for different levels of cover on each person as required, so in effect offers better and more flexible cover, at very little extra cost.

Yes, we quote only guaranteed premiums without reviews. If you choose to inflation protect your cover (3% per annum) by including indexation, the cost should also increase at an average rate of 3% per annum dependent on the insurer.

You can choose the cover term; from 5 to 40 years. Some people choose to cover to retirement age, while others opt for a longer-term especially when combining this cover under a life insurance policy. However, serious illness cover won’t go beyond age 75, so if combining life & serious illness cover it can be a good idea to choose a policy term to age 75, with a continuation option so you can extend the life cover element to age 90.

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