Corporate Portfolio Bonds

Comprehensive and impartial advice on the leading insured investment solutions with tailor made portfolios.

Corporate Investment

Corporate Portfolio Bonds

Corporate investment bonds are especially important when low deposit rates prevail. We provide a free comprehensive and impartial comparison of the leading insured investment product providers in Ireland.

Investment Risk Management

A Deposit Alternative

Corporate Portfolio

Many companies have money idle sitting in deposit accounts earning very little, or worse still no interest with inflation considered.

We can help you define your investment goals and risk appetite, before advising on a range of options to put your money to work.

Our investment advisory service includes continuous updates, with initial and follow up consultations as standard.

Bespoke Financial Advice for Investors

Fund Based Porftfolios

Key Highlights

1. Flexibility

You can switch or add additional fund choices as required, or inject additional lump sums on same portfolio basis.

2. Choice

Wide selection of funds, including Multi-asset funds., both active and passive.

3. Tailor made

We can help you create a personalised portfolio to suit your investment strategy by selecting preferred funds across multiple fund providers.

4. Growth Potential

You can opt for higher risk funds with a higher potential return, or limit the risk to your investment with more protected funds, based on your investment objectives and time frame.

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Valuable Advice

Advisory Service

We provide the broadest range of investment choices, with a minimum cost aligned to your personal investment risk Profile and ESG preferences.

When arranging an investment, you need to be fully aware of the underlying costs involved, as well as choosing the right investment funds and strategy to grow your portfolio over time, with easy access and regular updates.

At One Quote Financial Brokers, our leading Investment offerings include:

Questions & Answers

Corporate Portfolio Bond - FAQ's

Frequently asked questions on corporate portfolio bonds.

The minimum investment term for fund-based portfolio solutions is 5 years.

Some products offer immediate access, while others may lock up your money for a particular period.

Some products may be geared to provide regular income along the way, while others provide the opportunity for capital growth.

Risk and return are correlated so this is based on your own preference.

The growth is taxed at source at a rate of 25%. 

The minimum investment sum is €100,000.

We also offer guaranteed returns on deposit-based structured products, for more conservative investor needs.

Our specialist advice inclusive of ongoing support and reviews is charged at just 0.25% PA, typically half that of our competitors.


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Our corporate investment client feedback through reviews.

Jeremiah Buckley
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Couldn't recommend One Quote more for pensions. Don't waste time and go straight to One Quote. Very professional and efficient
Marijana Z.
Read More
Really appreciated their promptness, communication and professionalism! Would definitely recommend, they were super easy to work with.
Tim Walsh
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Excellent service and very prompt at switching funds. I think probably the most transparent broker in the market. Fees are very competitive too.
Tim Walsh
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Excellent service and very prompt at switching funds. I think probably the most transparent broker in the market. Fees are very competitive too.

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