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For lump sum investment options that go beyond the norm, we tailor cost-effective robust solutions.

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Lump Sum Investment

"The most important quality is temperament."

Warren Buffet

We provide private and corporate, lump sum investment options, tailored to your individual needs.

Tailored Lump Sum Investment Advice

Bespoke Investments

Tailored Investment Solutions

Our specialist lump sum investment advice delivers, short to medium term investment solutions, serving both private and corporate clients, alike.

By matching your return expectations, to your investment time horizon, we combine strategic asset allocation, with our robust multi-manager approach, aligned to both risk appetite and sustainability preferences.

We construct highly cost-effective tailored investment structures, which include full implementation and performance monitoring, together with your own 24/7 online access.

Once set up, your lump sum investment remains flexible, so if your risk approach changes, its is easy to alter your investment at any time.

Impartial Lump Sum Investment Solutions

Impartial Advice

Impartial Investment Advice

Investing can appear complex, so we explain the jargon is simple terms, helping you to identify your most suited alternatives, whilst ensuring independent choice, asset diversity and cost transparency.

Real choice means that we will never attempt to promote any single solution, but offer a selection of options matched to your individual requirements.

Asset diversity means will create a tailored portfolio to spread and hedge risk as appropriate.

Cost transparency ensures there are no hidden charges or fees, with a huge emphasis placed on delivering real client value.

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Lump Sum Investment Guidance

Investing involves risk and return correlation and you will obviously want to maximise your gains, relative to your risk tolerance. You may also wish to place emphasis on the underlying investments ESG impact.

Our job is to listen to and understand your needs and expectations, so as to provide the best investment advice based on a keen understanding of the markets.

From zero risk, structured deposit-based investments to higher-risk multi-asset portfolios, the initial client assessment is still the same, with investment time horizon, required access, taxes and charges forensically examined.

Lump Sum Investment Guidance

Premier Solutions

Free Investment Consultations

Our investment advice and solutions involve a simple 4-step approach.



By understanding your position, we develop bespoke investments, to deliver best value client outcomes.



Our investment solutions are personally tailored to your needs and based on your priorities.



Application is kept simple, using latest technologies, with digital signature, client sign-off.



We monitor and adjust to your changing needs, and to altering market conditions, with regular portfolio reviews.

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Investment Advisory Partnerships

We partner all the leading asset managers operating within in the Republic of Ireland.


Investment Reviews

Our investment client feedback through Google reviews.

Paul Ancker
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One Quote exceeded the value on offer from other financial brokers, but also took the time to understand and address my specific investment needs, offering a highly personalised service.
Eithne Murray
Superb support
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My accountant recommended Ken in One Quote, to advise me on investing my retirement fund. His advice was prompt, efficient and great value and the ongoing support is superb.
Mary McMahon
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It’s a pleasure to work with Ken in One Quote Financial Brokers. He provides a truly professional and great value service; with detailed investment advice and a service you can trust.
Sean Farrelly
Incredibly pleased
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With truly little return available in the bank, we approached One Quote to present investment options. We received very professional advice and were incredibly pleased to proceed.

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Investment advice

Investment Advice - FAQ's

Your lump sum investment questions answered.

Before making a lump-sum investment, you should think about your financial situation, in terms of investment objectives: time horizon, risk tolerance, investment charges, and tax repercussions.

Time Horizon

This is all about how quickly you might need access to your money. 

A pre or post-retirement investor is long term, but for cash lump sum investors, seeking a higher return than bank deposit rates, our minimum time frame for structured deposits is 3 years.

Whereas if you are interested in higher potential returns a time frame of 5-7 is most typically required.

Different investments may have different, objectives, objectives and timeframes as well as risk tolerance levels. But as a general rule, wait at least five years before taking out your lump sum, if choosing to invest in the markets or on deposit. This practice allows you better handle any volatility as well as to accrue deposit interest.

Risk Tolerance

For clients seeking guaranteed returns, we offer short-term deposits products, but for those willing to take on a level of volatility, your risk tolerance will be aligned to your investment recommendation.


We always seek out investment solutions that not only provide you with the best returns, but also the most competitive charges.


Thankfully, all pension plans and post-retirement ARFs enjoy tax-free growth.

But unfortunately, for all other type of investments, it’s impossible to avoid your gains being taxed , albeit DIRT Tax, Capital Gains Tax or Exit Tax. However, we can advise you on the most tax-efficient solutions.

Structured Deposits over superior fixed rates of return to those generally available to Irish bank depositors. Facilitators may include the likes of Societe Generale, HSBC or Barclays.

One Quote Financial Brokers charges just 0.25% PA for our broker services, working with over 23 separate domestic and international asset managers. This is half that of the average broker service charge.

The is in additional to the fund managers own charge which is subject to the fund style, construct and the size of your investment.


The minimum lump sum to avail of our guaranteed deposit rates or risk rated fund offerings is 100K.

Yes, subject yo your personal requirements, any combination of deposit based and risk asset portfolios can be constructed, using our broker services.

The typical combined total combined annual cost, comprising of both the fund management and broker service charge is 1.00% PA.

Both ETFs and index funds are pooled investment vehicles that are passively managed; the key difference is that ETFs can be bought and sold on the stock exchange (just like individual stocks) — and index funds cannot.

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