Our ethos is to offer real value and full transparency to each and every client and a key part of this means that unlike
so many of our competitors, we choose to reduce our commission to pass additional savings on to you.

Our Payments


One Quote Financial Brokers act as an intermediary (Broker) between you the consumer and the product providers with whom we place your business. Full details of our remuneration are detailed below and for any inquiries please call: 01 8450049.

We provide impartial financial advice with all leading market solutions offered at below-standard market costs. Where we do not receive a commission direct fees may be charged, details of which are outlined below.

The Background

Pursuant to provision 4.58A of the Central Bank of Ireland’s September 2019 Addendum to the Consumer Protection Code, all intermediaries, must make available on their website, a summary of the details of all arrangements for any commission provided to the intermediary to which it has agreed with its product providers together with details of any direct fees which may be charged directly by the intermediary to the consumer.

What is Remuneration?

Remuneration is the payment earned by the intermediary for work undertaken on behalf of both the provider and the consumer. The amount of remuneration is generally directly related to the value of the products sold and may include commission and or direct administration or advisory fees.

What is Commission?

Commission is a payment that may be earned by an intermediary for work undertaken for both provider and consumer, commission models may include:

  • Single commission model: where payment is made to the intermediary shortly after the sale is completed and is based on a percentage of the premium paid/amount invested.
  • Service/Renewal commission model: Further payments at intervals are paid throughout the life span of the product.
  • Indemnity Commission: This is the term used to describe a commission payment made before the commission is deemed to be ‘earned’. Indemnity commission may be subject to a clawback (see below) if the consumer lapses or cancels the product before the commission is deemed to be earned. The typical earning period to avoid commission clawback is 5 years from policy inception.
Sustainable Finance & ESG

Our remuneration policies are consistent with the integration of sustainability risks, as all our partnered investment product providers integrate sustainability into their investment processes and consider the adverse impacts of their investments on sustainability factors.

Life Assurance/Investments/Pension Products

For insurer protection and investment products, the commission is divided into initial commission and renewal commission (related to premium), fund-based, or trail commission (relating to accumulated fund).

Trail commission, bullet commission, fund-based, flat commission, or renewal commission are all terms used for ongoing payments. Where an investment fund is being built up through an insurance-based investment product or a pension product, the increments may be based on a percentage of the value of the fund or the annual premium. For a single premium/lump sum product the increment is generally based on the value of the fund.

Life Assurance products fall into either individual or group protection policies and Investment/Pension products would be either single or regular contribution policies. Examples of products include Life Protection, Regular Premium Life Assurance Investments, Single Premium (lump sum) Insurance-based Investments, and Single Premium Pensions.


Investment firms, which fall within the scope of the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007 (the MiFID Regulations), offer both standard commission and commission models involving initial and trail commission. Increments may be based on a percentage of the investment management fees, or on the value of the fund.

Commission Clawback

Clawback is an obligation on the intermediary to repay unearned commissions. A commission can be paid directly after a contract is concluded but is not deemed to be ‘earned’ until after a specified period of time. If the consumer cancels or withdraws from the financial product within the specified time, the intermediary must return the commission to the product producer.

How One Quote Receives Remuneration

One Quote Financial Brokers Limited may receive remuneration by way of commission or by way of directly invoiced fees for investment advisory, complex protection cases, application alteration, or early cancellation fees on the basis outlined below:

Where provider commission is paid to us, it is on a reduced basis to allow us to pass on savings to you the client by way of cheaper protection premiums and reduced investment and pension fund management charges.

Where we receive a recurring commission, this may form part of the standard remuneration for initial advice provided on Protection business/life insurance products, and for a comprehensive level of ongoing support provided to you on investment and pension business, details of this are provided below.


With regard to Protection products which include Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Serious Illness, and Income Protection, where provider “initial commission” is paid to us, it is on a reduced basis to allow us to pass on savings to you the client by way of discounted fixed premiums.

The level of once-off initial commission paid is based on a % of the equivalent of the first year’s annual premium due and may be clawed back by the product provider, where the policy is cancelled within the first 2 years of policy inception, or in the cases of Income Protection in the first 5 years. Protection renewal commission to a maximum of 3% of the annual premium may apply.

Pensions, Investments & Savings

With regard to Pension, Investment & Savings products which include individual and group pensions, post-retirement ARF, and educational savings plans, where provider “initial commission” is paid to us, it is on a reduced basis to allow us to pass on lower investment charges to the client.

The level of once-off initial commission paid is based on the lump sum invested or the equivalent annual premium for monthly contribution products and may be clawed back by the product provider, where the policy is cancelled within the first 5 years of inception.

With the exception of Non-Standard “advice-based PRSA”, we do not take any renewal commission.

In the case of Personal Pensions, Executive Pensions, ARFs, Retirement Bonds, and Lump Sum Investments we will in most cases receive a maximum fund-based service commission of 0.25% PA, for ongoing investment updates, advice, and long-term support.

The maximum commission levels made available to all intermediaries by our product providers are outlined via our product provider links below.

Unlike the majority of intermediaries, we never take the maximum available commission on any protection, pension, savings, or investment product, but always apply reduced commission rates, to reduce your long-term costs.

Where possible we have included the actual commission levels that we receive via these links, (with the exception of Aviva) but should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

The following highly competitive product charges apply regardless of your recommended product provider or underlying fund manager choices and are inclusive of our ongoing broker support:

Executive Pensions – Master Trust
Min Contribution: €500.00 PM

  • 1.00 to 1.25% AMC
  • 97% to 100% net allocation

Personal Retirement Savings Accounts – PRSAs
Min Contribution: €300.00 PM

  • 1.00% AMC
  • 96.5% to 100% net allocation

Personal Pensions – RACs
Min Contribution: €300.00 PM

  • 1.00% – 1.25% AMC
  • 100% net allocation

Approved Retirement Funds – ARFs
Subject to Fund Size

  • 0.50% – 0.75% AMC
  • 100% net allocation

Investment Bonds – Deposits
Subject to Fund Size

  • 0.75% – 1.00% AMC
  • 100% net allocation


  • The AMCs outlined are inclusive of both fund manager and retained advisory broker charges.
  • Where certain fund choices carry any additional nominal charges associated with their daily operation full transparency will occur.
  • Some Executive Pension product providers apply a monthly policy fee of between €3.00 – €5.00 PM.

We do not charge any recurrent fees however, where we are not remunerated by way of solution provider commissions, for our services which you have chosen to engage, we will charge a fee to cover our time and expertise.

This includes the processing and underwriting of all protection-related applications returned by you the client, where you choose not to proceed for any reason to the policy release stage, or you are declined cover.

Where we do charge fees, these will be charged on an hourly rate basis:

Current flat fee: €150.00 per hour.

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