Private Portfolio Bonds

Impartial advice on the leading fund based investment bonds and guaranteed structured deposit options.


Private Portfolio Bonds

Lump sum investment alternatives are especially important in a low domestic interest rate environment. We provide a free, comprehensive and impartial comparison of the leading risk based and guaranteed options.


Private Portfolio Bonds

Investing a lump sum can help to increase your wealth and to counter the eroding affect of inflation on Irish cash deposit rates.

If you are looking to invest a lump sum for the the short to medium term, an Investment Bond may prove the ideal solution.

You can choose to invest in a range of funds which in turn invest in assets such as equities, bonds, property and alternatives, or opt for guaranteed deposit rates to exceed those offered through domestic banks.

Where you choose to invest in mutual funds, risk management is key as our your ESG preferences.

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Key Portfolio Highlights

1. Flexibility

You can switch between, or add additional fund choices as required. Add more monies later on and if needed take an income.

2. Choice

You can opt for leading European bank fixed deposit rates, or choose from a huge range of risk rated multi-asset funds, or even combine both in the one portfolio bond.

3. Tailor made

We work with you to create a personalised portfolio to suit your investment lump investment needs, risk and ESG preferences and your investment time horizon.

4. Growth Potential

You can opt for higher risk funds with a higher potential return, limit the risk with more protected funds and or combine risk assets with guaranteed deposit rates.

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Advisory Services

We provide the broadest range of investment choices at minimum cost aligned to your personal investment risk Profile, and ESG preferences.

When arranging an investment, you need to be fully aware of the underlying costs involved, as well as choosing the right investment strategy to grow your money over time.

At One Quote Financial Brokers, our leading Investment Bond offerings include:

Questions & Answers

Private Portfolio Bond - FAQ's

Your lump sum investment bond questions answered.

The minimum investment term on all fund-based bonds is 5 years, or 3 years where choosing guaranteed structured deposits.

The minimum investment sum is €100,000 if choosing only guaranteed deposit rates, or €50,000 if opting for risk rated assets.

Some products offer immediate access, while others may lock up your money for a particular period. We work with you to match your requirements.

Risk and return are correlated so this is based on your own preference.  You can choose from zero risk deposit rates, to high risk funds, or anywhere in between.

If you do not ant to invest in funds, we also offer guaranteed returns on deposit-based structured products, for the more conservative investor.

Here, you can lock in a guaranteed rate of return for a term of anywhere between 3-5 years.

The current rate of tax on gains is 41%, as compared to 33 DIRT tax, however the deposit rates we offer far exceed domestic banks and the fund based portfolios we arrange, can provide substantially greater returns.


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Jeremiah Buckley
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Couldn't recommend One Quote more for pensions. Don't waste time and go straight to One Quote. Very professional and efficient
Marijana Z.
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Really appreciated their promptness, communication and professionalism! Would definitely recommend, they were super easy to work with.
Tim Walsh
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Excellent service and very prompt at switching funds. I think probably the most transparent broker in the market. Fees are very competitive too.
Tim Walsh
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Excellent service and very prompt at switching funds. I think probably the most transparent broker in the market. Fees are very competitive too.

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