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Our expert and impartial pension advice makes retirement planning simple and completely flexible.

We offer the most competitive, fully transparent charges, coupled with the broadest investment choices, aligned to both your risk appetite and views on sustainability.

Remember all private pensions are payable, in addition to state provided pensions and that private pension contributions, are fully tax deductible and enjoy tax-free growth.

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We advise working people of all ages and professions, including those seeking to start, or review their existing pension plan.

We also advise those who need to transfer, or draw down their pension pot, having left employment, or who are considering their pension plan options, having now reached retirement.

All initial pension and retirement consultations and are provided free of charge and without obligation.

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Our low-cost pension solutions, extend to market leading, pre and post retirement plans and include:

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Our specialist pension advice involves a simple 4 step process



By understanding your position, we develop comprehensive, plans to deliver best value client outcomes.



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to your needs and accomplished based on your priorities.



Application is kept simple, using the latest available technologies, to include digital signature sign-client off.



We monitor and adjust to your changing needs, as well as to economic market conditions, with regular reviews.

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We partner all leading pension and retirement providers operating in Ireland.

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Cillian Dickson
Superb choice
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Looking after my executive pension plan, One Quote provide superb choice and value with online access and annual reviews to keep track. They represent a solid choice of broker.
Paul Hollins
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I have my Executive Pension with One Quote and choose them based on investment fund choice, flexibility, competitive charges and service. Very happy to recommend.
Simon Finnegan
Detailed Approach
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One Quote took the time to understand my needs as a contractor and explained my options in detail. I chose them based on detail provided, low-cost, service and flexibility.
Christine Coffey
Friendly service
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As a company owner, I have One Quote looking after my pension planning needs. Their service is prompt, friendly and very cost competitive. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

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Pension Advice - FAQ's

Your private pension planning questions answered.

Few of us could live off the state pension alone, or want to wait until age 66, before we can afford to retire. Private pension plans offer the most tax-efficient way to help properly support your financial needs in retirement (where you do not have a employer sponsored arrangement). The earlier you start the better retirement you my enjoy.

All private pension holders are also entitled to the State Pension.

Currently, the current State Pension amounts to: €248.30 per week. The contributory pension starts at age 66 and the non-contributory age 67. 

These days a PRSA will prove the best private pension plan type for most. Other options include, Personal Retirement Bonds, Personal Pensions and, Master Trust Executive Pensions. 

The fund options made available alongside the charging structure on offer, should then influence for provider choice.

An private pension plan provides full tax relief on contributions, as well as tax-free fund growth and a tax-free lump payment option come retirement.

Yes, if you are a company owner, you can fully fund your pension through your company bank account, availing of full USC and PRSI relief in addition to full tax-relief.

Yes, because of the tax relief the Revenue places the following limits on personally paid pension contributions:

Age Percentage limit:
Under 30 = 15 %
30-39 = 20 %
40-49 = 25 %
50-54 = 30 %
55-59 = 35 %
60 or over =40 %
There is also an upper limit on the annual earnings that , which currently stands at €115,000.

Contributions are collected monthly by direct debit by the pension provider. 

Ad-hoc lump sums are sent by EFT to the provider bank account.

This will depend on the type of private pension plan that you hold.

Under a PRSA, Personal Pension or PRB, the gross value is payable to your estate.

Under and Executive Pension Plan, 4 times your annual remuneration at the date of death can be paid to your dependents, together with a refund of any personal contributions to the plan. The balance can be transferred to an ARF or used to buy an annuity.

If you have an employer sponsored PRSA, or an Executive Pension Plan you can retire and take your benefits from age 50.

Under a PRB its also age 50, but you don’t need to retire.

Whereas with a Personal Pension Plan, or a PRSA without employer paid contributions its age 60.

We grant 24/7 online access to your EPP account and will also receive annual benefits statement through the post, together with one to one reviews.

If you have previous Defined Contribution (DC) occupational pension scheme benefits, you can leave them there for future retirement, transfer them to a PRB, or transfer them to your new private pension plan.

If your old employer scheme was Defined Benefit (DB) then you should leave them be.

Existing PRBs can also be transferred to new PRB, where better value exists.

Once you retire and you’re ready to the your pension benefits, you can opt to take a tax-free lump sum and reinvest the balance to draw an income, or you can buy a regular pension payment for life called an annuity.

Pension Charging Structures for all Pension and Post-Retirement Solutions:

You can choose between 6 providers, multiple fund managers, and from a huge array of funds, all based on your personal investor profile, with full-cost transparency and fair market analysis. 

Our pension services not only incorporate low-costs, and impartial recommendations, but most importantly, the construction of personally tailored portfolios, with 24/7 online access, plus regular monitoring and review:


It is important to understand that we provide Non-standard PRSAs (not to limit fund selection), with a choice of an “Execution Only” or “Retain Advisory” service”. 

  • 100% investment allocation on all contributions.
  • No early exit, policy, or set-up fees.
  • Annual Management Charge of 1.00% for Execution Only.
  • Annual Management Charge of 1.25% for Retained Advisory.


Personal Pension Plans

Working with a host of plan providers, and fund managers our Personal Pension options, come with the following charging structure:

  • 100% investment allocation on all contributions.
  • Annual Management Charge of 1.00% inclusive of our broker charge.


Master Trust Executive Pensions

Working with a host of plan providers, and fund managers our advised based Master-Trust Executive Pension options, come with the following charging structures:

  • 100% investment allocation on all contributions.
  • No early exit, or set-up fees.
  • The Annual Management Charge is 1.25% inclusive of our broker charge.
  • Dependent on your provider choice, a monthly policy fee (circa 3.00 PM) may apply.


Personal Retirement Bonds

Working with a host of plan providers, and fund managers our advise retained PRB broker services have the following charges:

  • 100% investment allocation.
  • Annual Management Charge from 0.75% PA, inclusive of our broker charge.


Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs)

Working with a host of plan providers, and fund managers, our advised based ARF options, come with the following charging structure:

  • 100% investment allocation.
  • Annual Management Charge from 0.75% PA, inclusive of our broker charge.

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