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We provide the expertise for best value, trusted and comprehensive, company owner financial advice.

Company Owners

Financial Advice for Company Owners

For small company owners, professional tailored financial planning is key and should include strategic retirement planning, as well as a focus on health related risks for themselves and sometimes their key employees.

All business owners want a trusted financial advisor, who can genuinely add value. We have the expertise to deliver tailored and robust solutions to suit your needs, from personal and business protection insurance, to tax-effective, corporate investments and strategic retirement planning.

Business Owners

Financial Advice

As a business owner, perhaps you still need to seriously address your retirement planning and or protection needs, or you already have a financial adviser, but you require an improved service, expect better results or lower costs.

Our highly cost-effective financial solutions, are tailored to you and your business, with a trusted and supportive professional relationship in mind.

Business owner receiving wealth management and financial planning advice
Company Owner Financial Advice

Company Owners

Prime Financial Solutions

Our comprehensive financial advice is focused on:

1. Protecting Income

2. Insuring Loans & Investors

3. Retirement Planning

4. Corporate Investments

Tax-saving Protection

Personal Protection

The first thing to address is protecting your own income, what if you had an accident, became seriously ill, or worse still your income fully disappeared. You can use company funds and gain premium tax-relief on.

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Company Owners - Financial Advice on Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance

Business Protection

If you're a new business raising investment capital, taking out a business loan or seeking to protect against the impact of key employees' serious illness or premature death.

Financial advice around retirement planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Company owners can use company monies, as opposed to their own pocket, to fund for substantial benefits in retirement, to include a tax-free lump sum. We advise you on how to minimise taxes and reduce investment costs whilst designing an investment strategy specific to your needs.

Company Owner investment advice.

Deposit Alternatives

Robust Investment

When a company leaves money on deposit, it is subject to 25% Corporation Tax on this non-trading income. Most companies are also be subject to an additional surcharge of 20%, if monies remain undistributed within 18 months of the accounting period, in which those profits arose. Investment Bonds and Structured Deposits offer a real value alternative.

Extensive Reach

Solutions & Partnerships

We partner all leading life insurers and asset managers operating within in the Republic of Ireland.

Premier Solutions

Why Us

Our business owner advice involves a simple 4 step process.



By understanding your position, we develop bespoke plans to deliver best value client outcomes.



Our solutions are personally tailored to your needs and accomplished based on your priorities.



Application is kept simple, using latest the technologies, with digital signature, client sign-off.



We monitor and adjust to your changing needs, and to market conditions, with regular detailed reviews.

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