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ARF Advice
ARF Advice

Not rushing into making your ARF application and taking the time to understand your ARF advisory options, is key to maximizing the investment performance and the value of your ARF in long term.

When it comes to your retirement, regardless of your pension plan type, an ARF will be one of the options on the table for your consideration, and given the annuity alternative, most of us will opt for an ARF having firstly taken the tax-free lump sum.

Below we highlight the importance of the financial advisor relationship on both your ARF charges and your ARF investment options and strategy.

ARF Advisory Options – Investor Type
Having chosen to go the ARF route, the next thing to consider is if you want to choose and manage your portfolio selection yourself. through a self-directed or self-administered ARF or do you want (as most people do) to invest in risk-managed multi-asset funds and construct a portfolio using the investment fund options made available through life insurance companies and their fund manager options?

ARF Advisory Options – Fund Providers
If choosing the traditional route of investing in funds through one or more life insurance company ARF product providers, realising that you don’t have to use your current broker or advisor is important, as is choosing the right financial advisor:

1. An ARF is an asset that needs long-term investment advice and management and establishing the right relationship is key.

2. An ARF fund can pass between spouses tax-free on death but should still be included in your will as it may become part of your estate left to your dependents.

3. An ARF should be invested in diversified asset classes and you may benefit from choosing more than one provider as well as more than one fund or fund manager.

4. An ARF relies on strong investment performance which is enhanced by low investment charges, choosing the right advisor plays a huge role here also.

ARF advisory Options – Multi-asset Strategy
Once you identify your investment risk appetite for your ARF, using multi-asset funds helps to mitigate risk, you can opt for a single active fund manager with a strong track record e.g. Zurich or you may prefer a multi-manager approach with the likes of, for example, Irish Life.

ARF Advisory Options – Multi-manager Strategy
For those who prefer passive investment or even a combination of both active and passive funds within their ARF portfolio, ARF providers such as AVIVA, Standard Life or New Ireland may best suit.

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