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Investment Style Matters
Investment Style Matters

Our risk management philosophy centres on the belief that optimised portfolios require not only appropriate asset diversification but blended investment styles.

This means, that we believe in investing across both active and passive portfolios, growth and value stocks, cognisant of recency basis, and broader behavioural bias, adjusted to the client’s risk tolerance and time horizon, with a level of downsize protection and currency hedging, where possible.

We don’t believe in the simplicity of lifestyle funds (simply de-risking with age) or in a one style fits all approach. We see advantages in asset diversity, manager diversity, and style diversity.

Investment Style Matters

Our philosophy has proven particularly advantageous in recent years, as a significant amount of stock market performance has been driven by “style” factors, and what may be in one moment, has been out the next.

  • The rise in interest rates in 2022, saw a significant outperformance in Value style vs the Growth style to the tune of 25%.
  • This reversed in 2023, the year of the “Magnificent 7*” with Growth outperforming Value by 23%.
  • In Q1 2024, both styles performed well with Growth +13% and Value +10%.


Hence, a portfolio with a blend of both value and growth funds would have smoothed out significant fluctuations in performance over that period. The result would have been strong performance with lower volatility.

Better Investment Decisions

We utilise robust analytic tools to provide us with daily market data to help enable better investment recommendations, using this real-time fund data to compare individual fund performance and value, against market peers.

In making our recommendations will also display and explain our use of total expense ratios (TER) as well as Sharpe Ratios (volatility measures) relevant to your portfolio. This provides genuine cost transparency, as well as appropriate risk and reward.

Speak with a Financial Advisor

You can arrange a free initial discovery meeting by phone. Contact: Ken O’Gorman – Director – QFA, CB, SIA – One Quote Financial Brokers on: 01 845 0049 or email:

Or enquire online and give us a quick outline of how we can help.

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