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Income Protection - Royal London

Income Protection Insurance from Royal London Ireland, includes hospital cash payments after 7 days, and a guaranteed benefit increase option, every 3 years, without the need to provide any fresh medical information.

If you change your job, your policy will continue to protect you regardless of your new occupation. They also provide a range of benefits to help policyholders get back to work – including rehabilitation benefit and proportionate benefit, together with a Helping Hand Service plus you now get the first months premium is free.

Income Protection

Automatic Featured Benefits

Helping Hand is available to use from the day your policy starts – not just when making a claim. It doesn’t cost anything extra to use and your partner and children can use it too.

Some of the ways in which Helping Hand could benefit you:

  • face-to-face second medical opinion
  • speech and language therapists
  • oncology nurses
  • physiotherapy
  • cardiac rehabilitation support
  • complementary therapies
  • massage and reflexology
  • the provision of bereavement counsellors

Royal London Ireland is owned by The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited – the largest mutual life insurer in the UK and in Ireland in 2021 they paid put over 43 million in Claims.

You will not have to pay your premiums while you are receiving an income benefit. During this time, your policy continues as normal, so that if you do return to work and at some stage in the future need to claim again your plan has continued unchanged.
A daily replacement income is paid if you are in the hospital for more than seven days, during your deferred period.
Your Income Protection Plan will continue to cover you if you change jobs, regardless of what your new job entails.
To help with this financially, we will pay you 75% of your monthly income protection benefit for your first month back in work, 50% in month 2, and 25% in month 3. The benefit is payable if you return to full-time work after being in receipt of an income protection benefit for at least 1 year.
We will immediately restart your benefit if you have a relapse within six months of returning to work – there will be no waiting period in this case.
If you return to work part or full-time either in your old job or a new career, and your new earnings are less than previously earned, you may be eligible to receive a partial benefit.
Provides lower cover for periods of unemployment, taking a career break, or parental leave.
This option allows you to increase your income benefit by 20% of your original amount without having to provide new evidence of health. This offer will be made to you every three years, five times over the life of your policy, allowing you to increase your benefit by 100% of the original benefit amount.
If you claim due to a Terminal Illness and have been diagnosed with less than 12 months to live, your income protection benefit payments will start immediately.

Optional Feature

When running your quotes where you choose inflation protection, your benefits will be protected by indexing annually at a rate of 3% both out of claim payment and in claim. Your premiums will also index annually at a at of 3.5%.

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