Getting Your Mortgage Protection Sorted!

Getting Your Mortgage Protection Sorted!

Getting your Mortgage Protection sorted is child’s play and so too is getting a super deal, once you’re up for a few clicks of the mouse.

Okay, so you’ve been to the bank to arrange your mortgage and they have said they need life insurance, known as Mortgage Protection as a loan condition, that’s normal!

But hang just a minute – You don’t need to buy the policy through them and pay well over the odds!

Shopping around for a better deal, is fine and don’t let the bank tell you otherwise. If your lender says it will delay your mortgage application, or how they will look more favourably on your application if you buy their mortgage protection policy, don’t believe it!

The banks are in business to lend money so, once you meet their lending criteria, you will get the loan and can shop around for your Mortgage Protection without any concerns. The easist and best way of getting your mortgage protection sorted without any hassle and at the best fixed price is to attange it online.

Assigning the policy over to bank is also a piece of cake, so relax, here’s what to do:

Run your best value quote, fill out your application and when you get your policy documents, hand them over to your bank and they will do the rest.

You don’t need to mention the name of the bank on your mortgage protection life insurance application form, the bank will get you to sign their own form known as a “deed of assignment” when you hand them over your policy documents. The bank will then let the insurer know that they have taken ownership of the policy.

The only one exception to this is Ulster Bank, who don’t automatically let the insurance company know, so if your arranging a mortgage loan through them, or switching an existing mortgage protection policy,, then let us know your using Ulster Bank when applying for mortgage protection cover and we will look after the rest. No worries!

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