Maturing Families Life Insurance

Maturing Families Life Insurance

For maturing families life insurance can protect the lifestyle you have worked so hard to create, the kids have grown more independent and you’re starting to get on top of your financial commitments. Freedom from financial obligations seems to be getting closer.

Sometimes however, this is the time when things go awry and a little bit of extra help is needed. That is where life insurance can play a role.

Maturing Families Life Insurance

Life Insurance plans provided through One Quote provide a lump sum payment in the event of your death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. It is important to consider, if you have people who still depend on you or your income to pay for financial commitments.

Supporting the kids as they get older

Twenty-somethings are delaying moving out until they have found a partner, settled into a full-time job or finished their education.

Once your kids have moved out, there is even a chance they might move back: half of people in their late twenties living at home had left before, only to return.

Dubbed “boomerang kids” some are coming home in financial difficulty, others to save for something big. Furthermore, 5% of young couples getting married return to the parent’s home to save for their big day.

Parents and the family home are increasingly relied on by adult children. If you pass away or become terminally ill, the lump sum payment your family receives can be used to help your partner and children maintain the way of life you’ve built together.

Life insurance explained

Maturing families life insurance is designed to protect your family and the lifestyle you have worked hard to create for the ones you love. You can tailor a policy to suit your family’s individual needs, life insurance cover options that One Quote can arrange include a host of added benefits, as well as optional added cover such as Serious Illness protection. You can also learn more about life insurance from your life insurance FAQ’s and well as by visiting the CCPC by clicking here.

How much will it cost?

The premium for your life insurance policy will be based on your health, your age, gender, whether you smoke and your level of cover. Here at One Quote we compare the market to ensure you get the most suited policy as well as the lowest fixed price.

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