Life Insurance – Price Promise

Life Insurance – Price Promise

One Quote Financial Brokers fully compares and discounts all the leading life insurance companies operating in Ireland, to guarantee you the lowest fixed prices on the most comprehensive personal and business life insurance solutions!

Lowest Price Promise

When you run your online quotes, our fully comprehensive quote comparison calculators will quickly find you the most comprehensive benefits policy whilst instantly applying our full-term discounts, to bring you our best value promise on:

Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Serious Illness, and Income Protection.

Our Income Protection policy recommendations offer up to a further 40% premium reduction in tax relief, whilst all other recommended life insurance and specified serious illness policies include the first month free!

As with all life insurance quotes, the price given is based on standard health acceptance, so if you have a significant health issue, please contact us in confidence, to discuss your particular situation in advance.

Uniquely, even with a chronic health issue, once the insurance company offers you terms, we will still offer the same discounted rate to get you the cheapest price!

It is extremely important, however, to never cancel any existing protection policy, until you have has written confirmation of the acceptance of your new application based on full health-related disclosure and you have received confirmation of your improved acceptance terms in writing.


Best Benefits

Get more than just the cheapest price!
In choosing One Quote Financial Brokers you not only get the lowest price but the best benefits too! All policies come with a personal letter of product suitability and to deliver the best of both worlds, we are partnered with all leading life insurance companies operating in the Republic of Ireland, all of whom offer long-established security.
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