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Our specialist financial advice for upcoming retirees, centres on pension retirement options, assessing the most cost-effect ARFs, and Annuities on the Irish market, whilst also addressing your lump sum investment needs.

We our experts in advising retirees, from all occupations, as well the self-employed including Solicitors, Barristers and GPs. We can help you find the most cost- effective and robust financial retirement solutions, offering you better long term security and peace of mind.

Choosing your BEnefits

Retirement Ready

When faced with the often-difficult decision on how to best tackle your pension scheme retirement options, it can prove confusing.

We can advise you on the purchase an Annuity or the reinvestment in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF), as well as counselling you on how best to handle your retirement lump-sum and any other financial issues.

Financial Advice at Retirement
Retirement Ready private family financial advice.

Annuity V ARF

Retirement Options

If you have a Defined Contribution Pension, then rising interest rates could certainly make an annuity more attractive, but it should be remembered that annuities end on the death of the annuitant, unless a spouse’s pension (up to 50%) or a guaranteed period (up to 10 years) is built in at set up.

Adding a spouse’s pension, guaranteed period, and or inflation protection lowers the original pension payment (annuity). That said, if you want zero risk, with a fixed income an Annuity could best suit those who are risk adverse.

The other option after taking your tax-free lump sum is to invest in an ARF, which carries a level of investment risk, but can be managed as a long-term asset, whilst still providing an income.

The ARF Route

The ARF Route

We have a clearly defined process, where we look at your financial goals, age, debts, access to capital and of utmost importance, your risk appetite

We will then research the market and offer the most appropriate and best value ARF investment plan.

Once your ARF monies have been invested, our financial relationship continues and we will provide you with regular updates and annual reviews to ensure that we stay on track with your expectations and continuing needs.

Financial Advice at Retirement - ARF Option
Financial Advice at Retirement - Annuity Option

The Annuity Route

The Annuity Route

If you choose to go the annuity route, we can research the market to ensure your get value for money, meaning the highest possible regular pension payment in return for your pension pot (post tax-free lump sum).

As you approach retirement, your pension provider will offer you an annuity based on the terms they are prepared to offer at that time. You are not obliged to accept this deal, but free to shop around for the best rate and option to suit you.

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We partner all leading life insurers and asset managers operating within in the Republic of Ireland.

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