Whole of Life Cover

Whole of life insurance or whole of life cover, as you’d expect, is an insurance plan that lasts for a whole lifetime, and is not limited to a specific term.The premium is also guaranteeed never to increase, in return for a fixed tax-free life insurance payout when a death claim occurs.

Whole of Life Cover
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  1. Always call us to discuss your current health to ensure this is your best option, call: 01 845 0049.
  2. If you are on a budget or require life insurance for family protection purposses always compare this with guaranteed term life insurance.


Whole of Life Cover

We Make It Simple

At One Quote we are committed to making arranging your Life Assurance, easier and more affordable.

Whole of Life Cover is best suited to those who have left it late to arrange life insurance and are interested in putting funeral insurance in place or for the purposes of Estate Planning.

Whole of life Cover can be taken out on a single or joint life basis by anyone under the age of 75.

Whole of Life Insurance Features

  • Secure: Life Insurance means your loved ones are financially protected if misfortune strikes.
  • Tax-efficient: This plan can cover the inheritance tax your family may be liable for if you die.
  • Flexible: You can choose optional benefits for additional peace of mind.
  • Considerate: Lump sum payment may be used to cover funeral expenses.

Whole of Life Cover Benefits

  • Old Age Coverage: You can take out life cover to to age 75 next birthday.
  • Guaranteed lump sum: You can choose the amount of life cover (from €10,000 upwards).
  • Guaranteed monthly payments: Your monthly payment will never increase, unless you choose indexation.
  • Terminal Illness Benefit: Automatically applies to this policy.
  • Claims Assistance: “Helping Hand” assistance and support in difficult times.

Important things to know

  • The plan is only available to residents of the Republic of Ireland.
  • If you stop your monthly payments, you will not continue to be covered.
  • Your monthly payment and your level of cover are fixed from the start.