How to Cut your Life Insurance Premium

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Want to know how to reduce your life insurance premium? or find out who provides the very best life insurance coverage at the cheapest fixed price in Ireland? Well, good news you’re about to find out – so sound the trumpets but perhaps do your victory dance later, especially if there are people watching!

The more obvious answers on ways to reduce your life insurance premiums are to lose weight and give up smoking and whilst both can make a big difference if in fact these even apply to you, there are other less obvious ways for everybody to reduce this monthly household bill.

As long as your willing to take a few minutes out to run some online quotes and process is very simple from there and getting the first month free on your better and cheaper policy will ensure that there is no payment cross over with the policy you want to replace!

How To Reduce Your Life Insurance Premium

1. If you’re off tobacco for 12 consecutive months, but vaping you won’t get non-smoker rates, but you can ask a broker to get you a special vaping rate.

2. Don’t be afraid to move insurer, if your health is much the same as when you took out your last policy, then don’t think there is any advantage to staying loyal to any particular life insurer because there isn’t.

3. If your life insurance is assigned to a bank loan or mortgage, don’t think you can’t replace it a cheaper and often better policy, you’re fully entitled to do so!

4. Never buy from a tied agent or bank, because only a broker can compare the market for you.

5. Once you have chosen your broker, insist on a full term, fixed price discount against the cheapest market price.

6. Compare online broker quotes from a number of regulated online financial brokers including


Life Insurance is now more affordable than you think!
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