Nicotine Replacement Insurer Rates

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Nicotine Replacement Products - Insurer Rates
Nicotine Replacement Products - Insurer Rates

When nicotine replacement products first arrived in Ireland life insurance companies had to make a decision, do they charge Nicotine Replacement users full smokers rates which are obviously more expensive than those charged to non-smokers? and for a time many insurance providers were offering non-smoker rates once you were also tobacco-free for 12 consecutive months!

Non-Smoker Rates

However, all this changed in 2018 with all Irish operating life insurance companies classing e-cigarette and nicotine replacement users as smokers. Aviva being the last insurer to change their definition where they were previously offering non-smoker rates.

Special Reduced Rates

Zurich which was offering halfway rates between smoker and non-smoker rates to nicotine replacement users ended in August 2019.

The Good News – Discounts For All Smoker Types

No matter which smoking category you fall into offers up to 20% online discounts to all applicants. So, even if you’ve yet to reach 12 months off the all nicotine replacement products to allow you full non-smoker insurance rates, you can still make huge life insurance saving through our discounted online broker rates!

I recommend giving me a call on: 01 845 0049, so that we can talk you through the process or that you run your online discounted quote across any life insurance products using the links below:

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Ken O’Gorman  QFA | Smart Financial Protection

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