Low Cost Investment Options – Pensions & Investments

Low Cost Investment Options – Pensions & Investments

As a regulated Financial Broker holding agency with an extensive range of fund managers and product providers, we place the first emphasis on low-cost investment options albeit for Cash Lump Sums, Pensions, or post-retirement ARF’s.

Here at One Quote Financial Brokers, we not only pride ourselves on the investment choice that we can offer all investor types but, on the low-cost transparent charges that we put to the forefront of all bespoke client recommendations.

Fund Manager Choice

We offer multi-asset active funds, indexed funds, and exchange-traded fund offerings and cover all traditional asset classes including Cash, Bonds, Property & Equities as well as Alternatives which can include precious metals such as gold and copper, as well as investments in water infrastructure and agriculture.

Personalised Portfolio

Investing your money is a big decision so, before you make up your mind, it’s important to know that you’ll have a broad choice as to how and where your money is invested, that you’re not exposed to unsuitable risk or excessive costs.

So that you get a clear understanding of all your investment alternatives, we discuss your specific requirements in detail, before carrying out a fully comprehensive personal risk profile and market comparison to match your individual needs.

Investment Recommendations

We offer a huge range of investment options through our array of asset management partners, we are here to help you understand what your choices are and how they work. Our investment recommendations are always about minimum charges, as well as maximizing your investment returns aligned to your investment risk profile. So, to ensure you get the right Pension Plan, ARF, or Lump Sum Investment advice, enquire here, or call: 01 845 0049.


Low Cost Investment Options – Added Security

When investing we all need peace of mind.
In choosing your Pension, ARF, or Investment solution, your provider should have a history of unsurpassed financial strength. One Quote is partnered with all leading Irish and international investment & pension companies operating in the Republic of Ireland, all of whom offer this long-established security.
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