Low Investment Charges

Low Investment Charges

Here at One Quote Financial Brokers, we not only pride ourselves on the investment choice that we offer but on the highly competitive transparent charges, that we put to the forefront of all client recommendations.

We believe that it is hugely important to be aware of ongoing charges albeit a Personal Pension, Executive Pension, post-retirement ARF, Personal Retirement Bond, or a lump sum Investment Bond and to seek the lowest charges aligned to your asset preferences and risk profile.

Investment Charges – Value

1. 100% Allocation
You are always guaranteed 100% investment allocation, meaning no plan contribution charges as your money is being invested, even on lump sum investment bonds, where we uniquely cover the 1% Government Tax.

2. Low Broker Charge
For all pension and investment clients, we provide ongoing administrative support, updates, and investment advice and incorporate our charge within a “single fund charge”. This charge is fixed at 0.25% PA regardless of fund size.

3. Single Fund Charge
A single annual management charge (AMC) including both fund management and long-term dedicated broker support.

Investment Charges – Access

We offer a huge range of investment options through our array of leading local and international asset management partners.

Investment Charges – Type

Our risk-appropriate recommendations can include (a) Default Lifestyle Funds (b) Bespoke Portfolios and (c) Directed Assets.

A. Default Lifestyle
These are low-cost multi-asset funds suited to longer-term investments such as pensions plans and approved retirement funds. These funds de-risk over time and as they get closer to the end of the plan’s investment term and are best suited to those who want simplicity and minimum cost. The average total plan AMC is 0.90% PA.

B. Bespoke Portfolios
This option offers multi-asset diversification to manage risk, but also allows a choice of passive and active management, which typically incorporates the use of ETFs, together with a mix of fund manager strategies. The average total plan AMC amounts to 1.00% PA.

C. Self Directed Assets
For high-net-worth executive pension clients seeking a more complex investment approach to include the use of ETFs, Structured Products, etc, as part of a low-cost bespoke single plan solution. The average total plan AMC is 1.00% PA. Additional trading fees apply, starting at 0.25% against the trade for execution only.

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When choosing our low-cost pension or investment solutions you get the best in class providers too! All plans come with a personal letter of product suitability and to deliver the best of both worlds, we are partnered with all leading pension and investment plan providers operating in the Republic of Ireland, all of whom offer long-established financial security.
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