Responsible Investing – ESG in Action


At Aviva Life & Pensions Ireland DAC environment, social, and governance issues (“ESG”) are a core part of their culture. In fact, as a company Aviva’s commitment to responsible investment has a long track record and Aviva has been at the forefront of responsible and sustainable investment for nearly 50 years. Learn more about the Aviva’s sustainability culture.

Irish Life

Responsible investing means a number of things to Irish Life – from being a good steward of assets over the longer term, to integrating more robust decision-making within their portfolios, which takes account of environmental and social issues and the more traditional governance and financial risks, to offering a range of investment options that can meet the ESG preferences of their clients. Learn more about Irish Life Investment managers approch and commitent to ESG.

Our Partners

New Ireland Assurance plc is committed to protecting their investors’ futures whilst a cornerstone of their investment offering is working with some of the world’s largest investment managers, alongside their Bank of Ireland Investment Markets offerings. One of their core ethical offering is the Ethical Managed Fund managed by State Street Global Advisors whilst more about New Ireland’s broader approcah to ESG can be found here in the their responsible investment policy.

Royal London

Royal London plc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal London Group plc, the largest financial Life, Pensions and Investments mutual in the UK and Ireland. As they do in the Uk they will soon be entering into the pensions and retirement prduct space in the Republic of Ireland and we expert to we adding their offering to our overall investment prodcurt suite as soon as January 2022. Full details about their approcat to ESG will be provided here on our website nearer this time.

Standard Life

Standard Life International dac supports effective stewardship and responsible investment and works with best-in-class asset managers who invest in assets that support a sustainable world and one of the most popular offering in this spsce is their Multi-asset ESG Fund, which invests across all major asset classes, global geographies and major industry sectors. Learn more about the Standard Life approach to responsible investment.

Our Partners

Zurich Life Assurance plc and the Zurich Insurance Group has a central philospohy of integrating Enviromental, Social and Goverance (ESG) factors into how investment decisions are made. Here you can learn more about Zurich Life’s approach to responsible investment and access their investment funds as well as market news.