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For those seeking tailor-made investor solutions, to beat lump sum deposits rates and to counter inflation.

bespoke investors

Financial Advice for Bespoke Investors

We are experts in advising private individuals, as well as company owners, on how best to invest for the short to medium term. Putting their lump sum cash deposits to work, to counter both high taxation and low deposit rates.

As a regulated financial broker, authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland, we have capacity to facilitate investments tailored specifically to you. We do so by building bespoke, multi-asset portfolios, aligned to your risk profile, ESG preferences and personal time horizon, whilst also offering international structured deposit alternatives.

Lump Sum Investments

Bespoke Investors

Clients approach us with monies sitting idle on deposit, albeit personal or corporate funds, or because they are about to receive a tax-free lump retirement lump-sum, or following a cash inheritance.

We offer tailored made solutions and add value by sourcing low-cost funds and guaranteed deposit rates, from some of the world’s largest and most successful banks and asset managers.

Bespoke Investor Clients
Bespoke Investor Process

Defined Process

Investment Process

We have a clearly defined investment process. We will look at your financial goals, your investment timeframe, need for access and of course, your ESG preferences and attitude to risk.

This information will form the basis of our investment recommendations, allowing us to research the market and offer the most appropriate and cost-effective investment solution to meet your needs, after which the relationship is ongoing.

Risk Analysis

Risk Management

Robust risk management is key to achieving your investment goals, part of which is maintaining volatility within your personal comfort zone.

To help you achieve this, we go beyond simply parking you within an ESMA risk rated fund. Our bespoke portfolio approach considers cost and past performance, but also monitors ongoing market conditions, helping you take advantage of opportunities, navigate risks and stay focused on achieving investment success.

Bespoke Investor Risk Management

Extensive Reach

Solutions & Partnerships

We partner all leading asset managers, operating within in the Republic of Ireland.

Premier Solutions

Why Us

Through a simple 4-step approach, we minimise cost and maximise choice and convenience.



By understanding your position, we develop bespoke plans to deliver best value client outcomes.



Our solutions are tailored to your individual needs and accomplished based on your priorities.



Application is kept simple, using latest technologies, with digital signature, client sign-off.



We monitor and adjust to your changing needs, and to economic market conditions, with regular reviews.

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