Professional Contractors

We provide the expertise for comprehensive, best value, contractor financial planning and wealth management.

Professional Contractors

Financial Planning for Contractors

For all independent professional contractors, albeit it your own or an umbrella company, it is imperative that you choose an expert financial advisor that can aid you in making the right decisions for your financial future.

We have been advising contractors for over 15 years, delivering the most cost-effective, tax-saving pension and protection solutions, to afford you both real value and peace of mind.

All financial planning recommendations are based on full market comparison, to ensure the most comprehensive, best priced and individually tailored solutions.

Professional Contractors

Financial Solutions

The decision to become an independent Contractor offers freedom and flexibility not normally associated employee status, and often means higher take home pay, through daily rate payment under your own or an umbrella company.

However, contracting typically leaves behind important aspects of an employee remuneration package, which often includes Sick Pay and Life Insurance.

It also means that it’s now fully up the contractor to provide for your Pension in retirement.

We have long established expertise in supporting contractors and can take you to through a step by step process to ensure that all aspects of your financial security and investment needs are secured in the most cost-effective manner.

Contractors Financial Advice

Robust process

Financial Advice

Our comprehensive financial advice is focused on:

1. Full market comparison

2. Comprehensive low-cost solutions

3. Tailored advice

4. Tax saving results

5. Long term support

Professional Contractors

Financial Protection

The first thing to address is protecting your income during your contracting career, what if you had an accident, became seriously ill, or worse still your income fully disappeared.

Nobody expects ill health, or even likes to think about it, but addressing these issues can provide peace of mind for you and your loved one's too.

Impartial Pension Advice
Wealth Management Client Meeting

Money Management

Wealth Management

Whether you are new to professional day rate contracting or have been contracting for years, we have the experience to help you make the most of your income.

Information, insights and strategic investment advice is provided to deliver premier, flexible cost-effective solutions, tailored to your needs:

Extensive Reach

Solutions & Partnerships

We partner all leading life insurers and asset managers operating within in the Republic of Ireland.

Premier Solutions

Why Us

Our specialist contractor financial advice is about cost-effective financial security.



By understanding your position, we develop bespoke plans to always deliver best value client outcomes.



Our solutions are personally tailored to your needs and accomplished based on your priorities.



Application is kept simple, using the latest technologies, including digital signature, client sign-off.



We monitor and adjust to your changing needs, and to economic market conditions, with regular reviews.

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